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My Website Isn’t Showing Up on Google

Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up on Google?

Is it difficult to discover your website on Google? This common problem might be frustrating, but it is generally resolved with a few strategic changes. Here, we’ll look at why your website may not be showing in search results and effective ideas to boost your exposure.

Common Reasons Your Website Isn’t Showing Up

1. Your website is new.

New websites sometimes require time to be indexed by Google. This common delay may be avoided by submitting your site to Google Search Console.

2. Your website is not indexed.

If Google hasn’t indexed your website, it will not display in search results. Use the “site.com” search to see if your pages are indexed. If not, make sure your website is available to Google bots.

3. No backlinks.

Backlinks from reliable websites help Google identify your website as credible and relevant. Without backlinks, your website may not rank well. Building a solid backlink profile can help you get visibility.

4. Poor SEO practices

Improper SEO methods, such as keyword stuffing or no keywords at all, might reduce your site’s exposure. Make sure your website is optimised with relevant keywords, excellent content, and appropriate meta tags.

5. Penalties From Google

If you breach Google’s policies, your website may be penalised. Penalties can cause a dramatic decline in your rankings or completely eliminate your site from search results. Regularly check Google Search Console for penalty alerts.

360 Digital Idea's Approach From Research To Results

At 360 Digital Idea, we employ a comprehensive approach to ensure your website gains the visibility it deserves. Our solutions include:

Mobile UX

We prioritise mobile user experience to guarantee that your website is fully responsive and offers a consistent surfing experience across all devices. A mobile-friendly website is crucial for improved Google results.

Lack of Backlinks

Our professionals create a solid backlink profile for your website. We contact respected websites to generate quality backlinks, indicating to Google that your site is legitimate and useful.


We prioritise producing high-quality, engaging, and SEO-optimized material. Our content tactics are intended to attract and maintain your target audience while improving your search engine results.


Ensuring that Google correctly indexes your website is critical. We utilise Google Search Console to monitor and manage your site’s visibility in search results, ensuring that all your pages are properly indexed.

Search Intent

Understanding and optimising search intent is critical. We study and apply keywords that match your target audience’s search queries, ensuring that your content is relevant and ranks higher.

Our Ranking Wins Results

A Leading Tech Consulting Firm

  1. Increased from 0 to 150 within one month.
  2. Grew by +75% in three months.

An E-commerce Fashion Store

  1. +80% after implementing a mobile-friendly design.
  2. Acquired +160 high-quality backlinks within two months.

A Wellness and Health Products Company

  1. Improved keyword rankings for +20 targeted phrases.
  2. Boosted organic reach by +88% within two months.

A sustainable technology company

  1. Recovered and surpassed traffic levels, increasing by 70%.
  2. Restored rankings to the top 10 positions for primary keywords.

Get Your Website on Google with 360 Digital Idea

Getting your website to show up on Google requires a combination of patience, strategy, and continuous improvement. By addressing common issues and implementing SEO best practices, you can enhance your site’s visibility and attract more visitors. If you need expert assistance, 360 Digital Idea is here to help you optimize your website for search engines and achieve your online goals.

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