Facebook Marketplace for Business

If you want to expand your business and increase your sales on social platforms, Facebook Marketplace for business gives you the opportunity to reach millions of customers across the world. 360 Digital Idea is a leading digital marketing firm which help your business grow and earn more revenue on social media platforms like Facebook.
Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform which is used by more than 800 million people around the world. Facebook Marketplace allows people to purchase and sell goods directly and with ease.
Facebook Marketplace is one of the best marketing strategy for businesses wanting to expand their business and increase product sales online.

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What is Facebook Marketplace for Business?°

Facebook being the biggest social media platform launched Marketplace in 2016. A giant platform where millions of people can sell and purchase goods locally.
In the beginning, Facebook Marketplace was used by independent sellers. But with the introduction of Marketplace, it enables different kind of businesses to sell more online and generate revenue.
The Facebook Marketplace allows you to:

  • Showcase stock for retail goods, home rentals, vehicles, and ticket booking
  • Promote your online store or products on Marketplace with advertisement.
  • Display new or renovated products from your Facebook Page shop on Marketplace and that too absolutely free
  • Helps buyers to purchase goods without leaving Facebook

Facebook Marketplace can help your business with more sales and revenue and take it to new heights.

“360 Digital Idea has knowledge about everything. The experts are very cooperative and have explained everything in detail that was ahead of my knowledge. They were focused in taking my business to the next level which I had never imagined. Their strategies drive more customers to my online store and also resulted in good revenue.” –Happy customer

Advantages of using Facebook Marketplace for Business°

Your business can benefit a lot from Facebook Marketplace. Some of the advantages of Facebook Marketplace for SMBs are:

Improve brand awareness

Millions of customers prefer Facebook Marketplace all over the world. With Facebook Marketplace for business you can expand your reach to more potential customers who are interested in your products.
You can also use Marketplace to promote your products with creative ads and reach more buyers.

List your products free of cost

Facebook Marketplace for Business allows you to list your goods absolutely free of cost. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to pay anything for listings.
It offers you one of the best and fastest selling option, so your business can earn revenue.

Increase product sales

Facebook Marketplace for Business allows you to manage and create listings with any cost. In this way, the shoppers have the opportunity to purchase goods directly on Facebook without leaving the site.
Selling products on Marketplace for business boosts the conversation ration, so your business can earn more revenue.

Outsell competitors online

Facebook Marketplace for Business helps you stay ahead of your competitors and reach more potential leads.

Communicate directly with buyers through Messenger

If someone is interested in your products, you can directly communicate with that buyer on Facebook Messenger.
Communicating with customers in real-time lets you resolve their queries before they lose interest in purchasing your product.

Once you start selling your goods on Facebook Marketplace for Business you can expand your channels and replace your competitors.

Social media plays a vital role in expanding your business as millions of users buy products online. So, you can easily beat your competitors who do not use social media platforms to sell their products.

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