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The majority of people nowadays are influenced by social media ads and highly rely on them to make a purchase decision. Why not make a striking and impactful social media presence through your social media advertisement to get better revenue and boost your sales. 360 Digital Idea helps you get an insight into creating impactful social media advertisements that can lead to your growth and success.

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How to implement social media advertising in ecommerce °

There are many clients who are not familiar with using ecommerce social media adverting, there are many things which one needs to do other than just creating ads. You can follow the below guidelines to start your ecommerce social media advertising:

Form your campaign goals

First of all, you must form your goals what exactly you want for your business. If you want to expand brand awareness, increase traffic, or maximize sales, plan the strategies according to these goals.

Select your social media platforms

You have full rights to select the social media platforms on which you want to launch your ads. You can choose multiple platforms if you want to target a large audience.

Develop creative ads

Our experts develop creative ads which attracts the attention of the customers and encourage them to purchase your products. These ads should be engaging enough to encourage the users to click on them.

Develop custom landing pages

After creating the ads, it is necessary to develop custom landing pages on which users will arrive after clicking on the ads.
Your custom landing pages should be understandable and must contain your ad copy so the customers can take the next step.

Set up and targeting

Our specialists use ecommerce social media ads to target more potential audience. They mainly focus on custom audience or existing buyers, keywords, interest, workplace, profession, size of the company, job title, operating device, demographic, and other factors.

Launching ads and monitoring results

After your ad has been launched you need to monitor the results. This will ensure that your campaign is working properly or not. Analysing the results helps you get the idea what necessary modifications you can make to improve the performance and achieve the goals.

What is included in our ecommerce social media advertising services?°

Our ecommerce social media advertising services are designed for both small as well as mid-sized businesses. They are reasonable and offer quality work. Our ecommerce social media advertising include:

Social media ad management

When you make 360 Digital Idea as your service provider, you will get a highly qualified team of experts who will manage your social media advertising campaigns. Apart from that, you will get access to our advanced AI software that will help you in tracking the performance of your campaign.

Social ad account audit

Our experts will audit your social ad account thoroughly to determine the factors which can be improved to take your business to new heights. They will analyze your campaign’s strategy and your competitor’s ads to ensure that it generates best results.

Social media marketing strategy and consultation

Once the audit part is completed, our dedicated experts will frame the campaign to accomplish your business’s goals.
They will target your potential audience and also offer budget options that suits your online business.

Social advertising creative development

The next thing our experts do is the development of creative and engaging ads, to attract the attention of the target audience.

Social media ad targeting

Social media advertising plays an important role in targeting more valuable customers. Our professionals use various targeting options such as keywords, profession, workplace, company size, device, demographic, and others.

Ongoing ad management and optimization

360 Digital Idea also offers ongoing ad management and optimization in its ecommerce social advertising plans.
Social media advertising is an on-going strategy which is regularly optimized to check the performance of campaign and results.

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