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Today, millions of web users prefer online shopping. PPC or pay-per-click ads play an important role in promoting your online business and selling your products. Ecommerce PPC management services can be beneficial for your business by driving potential customers and sales. They use search engines like Bing, Google, and others to improve the visibility of your products and get them purchased.

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Ecommerce PPC management drives more valuable shoppers°

There are around 60% small and mid-sized businesses which capitalise in PPC management. If your company hasn’t implemented PPC advertising, you are lacking behind. If you want to compete others and take your business to the next level, you need ecommerce PPC management services.
When you partner with 360 Digital Idea you don’t have to worry about sales or anything else. Our experts will handle everything for you and will ensure that your business gets more traffic and sales. 360 Digital Idea has years of experience in PPC management and we are have successfully accomplished hundreds of PPC advertising campaigns. We build a trustworthy relationship with our clients by offering personalized ecommerce PPC services. Many SMBs prefer 360 Digital Idea over other agencies because the kind of services we provide are unmatched and professional.
“After getting ecommerce PPC services from 360 Digital Idea my business has seen tremendous growth and increase in sales ratio. The experts helped my team with their knowledge and strategies on how we can improve our rankings in search results and how we can generate revenue. Their cooperation and support always make me feel as if they are a part of my company.” –Happy customer

Features included in our ecommerce PPC management services°

360 Digital Idea provides a concrete solution for ecommerce PPC management services. You don’t have to rely upon agencies which make things complicated, do not take their responsibilities seriously, and do not have a solid strategy.
When you make 360 Digital Idea as your ecommerce PPC service provider, you get everything you need for your business as our services include:

  • Google Shopping
    360 Digital Idea plans strategies to get you at the top of search results. With Google Shopping Ads, you can highlight your products to the customers who are ready to purchase them.
    We assign a qualified expert who will develop, create, manage, and optimize your Google Shopping Ads.
  • Google Ads
    Google ads play a vital role in promoting your business and creating a brand name. They advertise your goods and accomplish business goals by increasing sales and revenue.
    360 Digital Idea masters in Google ads and will take your business to new heights.
  • Bing Ads
    There are many businesses that ignore Bing ads which is one of the best ways to increase sales. You can go beyond your competitors when you use Bing ads to advertise your business and products. They target millions of potential web users.
  • Remarketing
    Remarketing is a technique which is used to target users who visited your website and searched your products. It helps in getting buyers back to your website and encourage them to purchase your products.
  • AI Software
    You can easily track the performance of your ecommerce PPC campaign with our advanced AI software. Your will get updates on ROI and the results which your PPC campaign is delivering.

Advantages of using ecommerce PPC

When you invest your money in ecommerce PPC your business gets several benefits. It drives more traffic, increased sales, communication, and revenue. Here are some of the advantages of ecommerce PPC management:

  • Get more potential traffic to your website
    Ecommerce PPC helps in driving more qualified traffic to your website and shows results quickly. PPC ads target valuable users who browse your products online. PPC ads attract only those customers who really want to purchase your goods and you have to pay only for the qualified leads.
  • Craft hyper-targeted ads
    Ecommerce PPC offers a number of targeting options. It is one of the best marketing strategy that attracts users to your website and encourage them to purchase your products. Our experts use multiple targeting options to create the best hyper-targeted, revenue-driving ads for your company.
  • Create brand awareness
    Ecommerce PPC also play an important role to improve your brand awareness. Many ecommerce stores don’t focus on brand awareness, but you can use the PPC strategy as your advantage to improve your brand awareness. This will help you in future to acquire maximum market shares and retain the customers to your online store.
  • Use an accountable ad strategy
    The ecommerce PPC services offered by 360 Digital Idea let you track the performance of your campaign. By linking your account with Google Analytics you can easily measure the success of your advertising campaign. This gives you an overview what further strategies should be adopted to generate more sales and revenue.

“PPC advertising is one of the best marketing strategy which helps in the growth of your business. 360 Digital Idea has ample knowledge about ecommerce PPC management and with their help my business gets more qualified leads and sales.” –Happy customer

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