The Psychology Underlying Social Sharing

The Psychology Underlying Social Sharing

The Psychology Underlying Social Sharing

In the dynamic world of marketing, the art of creating captivating content is like building the foundation of a skyscraper. It’s essential, but the structure doesn’t truly stand tall without understanding what propels people to share that content on social media—an often underestimated aspect in the content creation journey.

The Crux of Content Quality: Beyond Creation to Social Sharing

The inception of content quality is in creating something that resonates with your target audience. Yet, the journey doesn’t culminate with content creation; it extends to understanding the psychology behind social sharing. The real question is, what motivates individuals to share content in the first place?

The Motivations Behind Social Sharing

A study reveals that for 85% of readers, sharing content enhances their understanding, while 73% believe it aids in processing information more deeply. However, the sharing phenomenon goes beyond mere comprehension; it’s a means of reinforcing relationships. People share content not just for its entertainment or value but to nourish connections with family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, fostering a sense of connectivity, thoughtfulness, and appreciation.

Moreover, sharing serves as a tool for crafting a personal image. Individuals often use content sharing as a platform to portray themselves as intelligent, professional, or provocative, shaping how they are perceived by others. Lastly, sharing becomes a channel for expressing personal values, where advocates and evangelists leverage it to spread the word about new products, rally networks around causes they care about, and support meaningful initiatives.

Distinct Personas with Different Motivations

Research has identified six online “sharer personas” based on four fundamental motivators: emotional motivations, desired presentation of self, role of sharing in life, and the value of being the first to share. Understanding these personas is instrumental for marketers seeking to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Aligning content with the motivations of each persona allows for a more effective and targeted approach to engagement.

How Understanding Motivations Benefits Marketers


Understanding the “why” behind sharing is a crucial element often overlooked by marketers. Recognizing the personas your audience identifies with enables the creation of content that is more likely to be shared. Beyond this, there are key factors that contribute to the shareability of content:

Establish Trust: Build trust with your subscribers, increasing the likelihood of content being shared within their networks.

Embrace Simplicity: Valuable and clear content is more likely to be shared, while complexity is often confusing and less shareable.

Maintain Brand Voice: Infuse humor when appropriate, as entertaining content tends to be more shareable.

Timeliness and Urgency: Be timely and create a sense of urgency, as audiences gravitate toward up-to-the-minute information, leveraging the urgency factor for highly shareable content.

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Q1: What role does social media play in measuring content quality?

A1: Social media serves as a metric for amplification, indicating the extent to which content is shared. It is an essential aspect of gauging the effectiveness of content beyond its creation.

Q2: Why is understanding the motivation behind social sharing important for marketers?

A2: Understanding the motivation behind social sharing allows marketers to tailor content that resonates with their audience’s desires, fostering deeper connections and engagement beyond the initial interaction with the brand.

Q3: How does sharing content contribute to reinforcing relationships?

A3: Sharing entertaining or valuable content is a means of nourishing connections with family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. It fosters a sense of connectivity, thoughtfulness, and appreciation.

Q4: Can sharing content help create a personal image for individuals?

A4: Yes, individuals often use content sharing as a platform to portray themselves as intelligent, professional, or provocative, shaping how they are perceived by others.

Q5: What is the significance of the identified “sharer personas” in marketing?

A5: The “sharer personas” identified in the research are crucial for marketers as they provide insights into different motivations. Understanding these personas helps tailor content that appeals to the audience’s unique preferences and motivations.

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