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PissedConsumer.com is a prominent website for consumer advocacy and customer complaints. With 1.2 million consumer evaluations of 74,000 different organizations, it is one of the most prominent customer complaint sites online. The site has 3.5 million visits every month. Finding a negative review about you or your company on PissedConsumer.com is probably not how you anticipated your day would go. Consumer complaints can be damaging to your personal or corporate identity, and removing stuff can be difficult. Continue reading to learn about the alternatives open to you for dealing with an unfavorable review submitted on this site.

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What exactly is PissedConsumer.com?

PissedConsumer.com is a social consumer advocacy website where consumers may post their consumer complaints and opinions. Visitors can also conduct research on companies, goods, and services before making large purchases. There are business solutions available to assist organizations in protecting their reputations by reacting to and addressing issues raised in customer complaints.

Pissed Consumer complaints are classified as follows:

  • Marketplaces and Auctions.
  • Food Distribution.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Movies and video games.
  • Clothing and footwear.
  • Credit Cards.
  • E-commerce.

Consumers can anonymously communicate their issues with specific firms.

Consumers may also write a detailed article about their experience with that firm and rate it out of 5 stars. Because hardly many consumer review websites allow users to add videos, this is a feature unique to PissedConsumer.

PissedConsumer also allows you to compare firms, ask concerns about their dependability, and keep track of business calls. It offers a lot more functionality than most other consumer review websites. It might be valuable for discovering which firms are the best in comparison to their competitors and which ones you should avoid at all costs.

Will a Disgruntled Customer Remove Negative Reviews?

According to PissedConsumer.com, the website currently does not allow users to erase or alter previous postings. In reality, the only option for users to get a review removed from the site is to send a notarized letter with the following information:

  • A statement certifying that the individual who uploaded the material in question is the person who wrote the letter.
  • A declaration acknowledging that the information previously posted was erroneous at the time of publishing.
  • The post’s URL is shown on the Pissed Consumer website.
  • Full name, address, email address, and signature of the letter writer.
  • The word-for-word declaration that the writer is delivering accurate and factual information under penalty of perjury.
  • A legible notary stamps.

A court order is the only other option to get a post removed from PissedConsumer.com. This is a difficult procedure, but we can assist you in completing it. Our expert legal team is both cost-effective and efficient in removing anonymous Pissed Consumer reviews that may be harming your business from the Internet.

Can You Remove My Negative Review?

Our removal service, as reputation management experts, is a legal method that successfully eliminates any false and unfavorable review of your business from the Pissed Consumer website – even if it was written anonymously.

The procedure takes eight to ten weeks, but the effects are permanent once completed. The unfavorable post that may have harmed your business will be deleted from the search engine index, and it will never show in search results again. This enables you to move on and refocus your efforts on building your firm.

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