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An effective medical ORM strategy is the key to successful marketing for any healthcare service business. Even if you give the greatest patient care, it is difficult to gain positive ratings and a good reputation. Dissatisfied patients are more prone to vent their frustrations online, and unfavourable reviews might paint the wrong picture of your clinic.

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This is why, when it comes to advertising your practice, ORM Management for Healthcare and Medical Websites is a top priority for us. For our medical ORM services, we employ the best healthcare ORM technologies. To produce good evaluations, we offer an automated and smooth procedure. In addition, with our full report on your dashboard, you may have a better understanding of patients and their requirements.

Managing Your Online Reviews Effectively and Efficiently

Negative patient reviews should not be allowed to affect your medical practice. We at 360 digital Idea can assist you in determining what is being said about you and where it is being mentioned. Working with you to establish the most suitable reaction to reviews when they are detected is part of our online reputation management for your medical practice. We will manage your online reviews through our unique and effective strategies.

The services we provide:

  • We look after your online listings (on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Yelp, and other sites), double-check your information, reply to good reviews, and notify you of any bad reviews within one business day.
  • We give responses to reviews on your behalf or request that it be deleted owing to its improper nature - concerns like legitimacy, vulgarity, HIPAA breaches, and so on.
  • All new reputation-related actions will be notified to you through email.
  • Each month, you'll receive analytics that break down your previous month's online reputation behaviour, allowing you to see patterns and track resolutions.
  • We'll send your patients emails or text messages asking them to review your services online.

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