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Your internet reputation management services are the most valuable asset in your business or personal profile. 360 Digital Idea is a leading online reputation management firm, with extensive experience in managing the online reputation and digital distinctiveness of retail, large brands, enterprises, and professions. We know that in today’s extremely competitive retail business environment, it is fairly common to observe false claims as well as reviews, false rumors, damaging material, and gloomy social postings that may completely tarnish your online image. We can help you develop an effective online presence as a leader in providing online reputation management (ORM) services in India.

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What Do We Do?

When there is a disconnect between the buzz and the sincerity, your reputation suffers. As a result, we organize a transparent ORM campaign to ensure the success of your business, brand, product, or service. Our ORM technique is divided into five steps, which are as follows:

The services we provide:

  • researching and assessing your existing situation.
  • Creating a revised ORM strategy.
  • Developing a content, public relations, social media, and SEO approach.
  • Monitoring ORM campaign by publishing and promoting good content.
  • Our staff pursues this comprehensive ORM technique to create your company the most consistent brand in your field.

Our Services for Online Reputation Management

A Strong Online Reputation Can Help You Develop Your Bottom Line

  • Before making a purchase, over 95% of customers examine internet reviews.
    72% of consumers do not take action until they have analyzed reviews.
  • Customers are more likely to buy the product with more reviews if two goods have equivalent ratings.

Strategy For Online Reputation Management

  • we use a systematic approach to manage your online reputation so that no aspect goes unattended.
  • After carefully studying your requirements, we build a tailored plan for you. Our aim is to create long-term business outcomes for you. We provide very low-cost online reputation management solutions and programs.

Our Online reputation management Process

  • We have a simplified and well-defined approach that is divided into three stages.

Analysis and research

  • Conducting in-depth investigation and analysis of the client's difficulties in order to build an appropriate strategy and solution.

Strategy and Solution Design

  • After identifying and analyzing the problems, our professionals develop a customized approach and solutions.

Execution in Steps

  • We are now ready for step-by-step execution, as the name implies.
  • Want to learn more about how we can assist you in managing your internet reputation? Contact us right now to create and implement an image management strategy that will help in your retail business institution grow and in the best possible way.

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