Balanced Business Scorecard

A balanced scorecard (BSC), one of the most often used frameworks in organizational management, outlines what a firm intends to achieve and how it intends to achieve it. To provide the best outcomes, it must demonstrate how an organization’s high-level strategic goals, activities, and performance measures evolve and are linked to its purpose, vision, and core values. Specific tools have been developed to assist you in accomplishing this aim, and they often comprise a one-page graphic or template that connects the primary aspects of a plan to goals, key performance indicators, and implementation deadlines.

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Business scorecard templates with their 2 types of versions

  • Microsoft Excel scorecard template appropriate for manual compilation of your BSC
  • When used with the Office Timeline Pro add-in, an easy timeline generator, this scorecard template for Microsoft PowerPoint enables you to create aesthetically stunning balanced scorecards.

Top 3 Free Scorecard Templates

  • Basic Balanced Scorecard Template
  • Strategy Map Scorecard Template
  • KPI Scorecard Template

360 digitals concept of creating your balanced scorecard

Determine your strategic goals

Here are several examples:

  • Employee cross-training
  • Innovation leadership
  • Customer retention
  • Enhancing process efficiency
  • Increasing revenue from sales

Make a strategy map

Outline the procedures

Creating your balanced scorecard using 360 digitals

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