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In today’s digitally-driven environment, image removal from Google is a continual concern. That’s because having a lot of photographs on Google’s first page may harm not just your reputation, but also your brand and potentially your job. What is the primary issue in removing a picture from Google? Most stuff on the internet cannot be readily erased. Because other sites pick up on Google searches and republish material, image search results tend to linger around. While removing a picture from an article, blog post, or mugshot site is often easy, removing a Google search result can be a little more difficult. Google’s Removal Policies outline what material is considered removed. Images, blogs, essays, and other sorts of information that represent a “danger" are typical candidates for removal.

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Images that Google finds suitable for removal from search results will most likely:

  • Contain sensitive medical, financial, or national identification information.
  • Involve uninvited false pornography.
  • Exist on sites where extortionate removal tactics are used (like mugshot sites).
  • Include personal contact information with the intent to damage the individual.
  • Nude and/or sexual pictures shared without your permission (ex. revenge porn).

Google will also erase photographs and pictures for “particular legal reasons," such as when they depict child sexual abuse or breach DMCA copyright law (DMCA) (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). The latter will only assist you in removing photographs from Google if you are both a photographer.

How   Does Suppression Get Your Photo from Google?


When all other Google image eradication measures fail, suppressing the pictures in search results is the best option.

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You must first own your Google search presence to bury bad information and recover control of your online imprint. And controlling your search results involves publishing good content to fill those spots while hiding unflattering photographs.

It should be noted that uploading photos to random websites seldom works. You must provide your photographs or other material for search results to reflect your efforts. It is critical to producing new material that people desire to see. The more people who click on your image, the more relevant it will be in search results. Practices such as reputation management and SEO can be incredibly beneficial in this situation. The higher the quality of your material, the more likely it will show in search results where others may find it.


And, if you want your posts to have the appropriate image removal effect, be sure to:
  • Make eye-catching pictures.
  • Add alt text to each image.
  • Insert images into the content of many websites.
  • Include images that are currently attracting attention.
  • To boost your exposure in Google search, use search engine optimization options.
Closing Words on Google Image Removal

What is the first thing that comes up when someone searches your name on the internet? Is it a detrimental image, a terrible news piece, poor reviews… or something much more heinous?

360 DIGITALS specializes in tailored Google image removal and reputation management solutions that put you in charge. We give them tools and technologies you need to prosper on the web, from erasing embarrassing photographs to hiding negative news and more.

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