Yelp Review Removal

Every month, 142 million people visit Yelp. According to expert research, Yelp ranks in the top five search results for 92 percent of Google online inquiries that include a city and a company category. Only Google rivals it in local, location-based searches, and every company owner must consider Yelp’s significance when building an online marketing plan.

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Positive Yelp Reviews Can Help You Improve Your Rating

  • We do not submit reviews on Yelp since it violates their terms of service. Yelp has extensive IP tracing, and attempting to publish reviews on behalf of someone else will result in a “Not
    recommended" status.
  • However, if you want to earn more good Yelp reviews, you should encourage your customers who are “Yelpers" to write them.
  • We can assist you with this by implementing a simple review system that allows you or your office employees to easily refer consumers to your Yelp page with a link.
  • The simplest method to accomplish this is to request the review at the time of purchase, followed by an email with the link.

How to Remove a Yelp Review

Yelp removes 7% of all reviews made on the site. Some Yelp reviews are removed in response to a court order, others in response to a valid DMCA takedown complaint, and some in response to a violation of Yelp’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Other Yelp reviews are being erased with the help of an internet reputation management

Thousands of business owners have used 360 digitals ideas to better grasp how Yelp works and how to erase a Yelp review.

Our skilled online reputation managers may effectively and privately negotiate the removal of unfavorable Yelp reviews with individual users or arrange the removal of negative reviews with Yelp’s Support Team.

What Happens Once the Negative Reviews Are Removed?

  Three things can happen as a result of deleting a bad review with a 1-star rating:

Your total score rises

Because your score is averaged, eliminating 1- and 2-star reviews raises your Yelp average rating.

The review is no longer available

When you delete a review, it is permanently gone from your Yelp profile.

your company should grow

Because 88 percent of consumers trust internet reviews, removing a bad comment boosts consumer trust in your brand.

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