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Paytm E-commerce has announced the launch of its new Paytm Mall app on Android. The iOS app is also on the cards.

Paytm Mall will offer a unique combination of the Mall and Bazaar concepts to Indian consumers listing over 68 million products from 1.4 Lakh sellers across categories like fashion, electronics, consumer durables and home furnishings among others.


With over 17 fulfillment centers across India, Paytm Mall is also geared towards offering consumers the most trusted and efficient online shopping experience. All products listed on the mall will also go through Paytm certified warehouse and shipping channels ensuring guaranteed consumer trust.

Saurabh Vashishtha, Vice President, Paytm said, “Through Paytm Mall, our aim is to offer consumers the most trusted shopping experience. We have defined quality criteria for sellers and are building strict controls over warehousing and shipping for products sold on Paytm Mall. Consumers would continue to get the largest assortment of domestic and international products through Paytm Bazaar, which will also be featured on the new app.”

The platform would also offer sellers the widest reach through its vast network of over 40 courier partners.

The Paytm Mall would also launch an ungraded version of the Paytm Seller app in 7 regional languages.



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Facebook on Friday has unveiled a new type of shopping ad format called ‘collection’ to help marketers showcase their products in more visually appealing ways.

The format incorporates video as its main element along with product images, and even Canvas-style elements, within a single post.

Advertisers will now get the choice of either choosing the products to be showcased, or allowing Facebook decide which products to feature, depending upon the brand’s current product catalog – Facebook will optimize the exhibit based on what it thinks will best speak to the every individual viewer.

Ahead of its full launch, the collection promotions have been tested by Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. Adidas reported a 5.3x return on ad spend from the format, which it used to drive sales of its ZNE Road Trip range, while Tommy Hilfiger claims a 220 per cent increase in ROI when promoting the launch of its Autumn 2016 line.

When a customer clicks on any of the images, they’ll be taken to a catalog of up to 50 products which Facebook will again pull from the advertisers’ product listing. The display is hosted on Facebook and works like a mini-website, a similar way their Canvas ads do.

Tap on any specific item and you’ll get a full-screen profile; you won’t be able to buy products through Facebook at this juncture; however that seems like a logical future development.

Facebook also reported proposed testing of a new outbound clicks metric for both Facebook and Instagram, screening the number of clicks that lead to third-party sites or apps, trying to give advertisers with ‘a clearer picture of people’s paths through the entire ads experience’.

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What’s your main goal behind writing your blog posts? The main goal behind writing your content is always to attract search engine traffic. And, for doing so it is must to create SEO-friendly content because getting your voice heard is important to get to your target audience.

Creating quality and plagiarism free content should be your priority, as it is the top most ranking factor in Google, especially after Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms. Even the simplicity and readability of your content plays an essential role in the ranking factors.

In this post, we will talk about the ways with the help of which you can create the content that resonates well with your audience and search engines both.

1) Keyword Research

If you want to create content which is friendly, then it is important to do keyword research before you start writing. Keywords should be added throughout the content in the right context and balance.

But you should make sure that you do not compromise over quality to include more keywords, as keyword stuffing makes it spammy.


2) Structuring Content

The other factor which plays an important role in creating quality content for SEO is the right structure of your content. If you focus on the structure, then the chances of it appearing first in the search results increase.

The clear structure with proper headings and paragraphs is preferred from both user and search perspective. Search engines also get a quick overview of your content if it contains proper heading and sub-headings.

Either you can follow the structure of H1 to H6 or you can add H2 and H3 headings at relevant points.

3) Optimizing Images

Images are very important in making your interesting and shareable content. Optimized images provide an additional opportunity to rank higher on the SERPs.

Visual content has become prominent and the best part is that it is not even time consuming. The name of your image should be relevant to your content.

And, you should add an Alt text to your image for better optimization. It is recommended to focus on the quality and relevant images rather than the generic ones.

4) External and Internal Linking

Both internal and external linking is important in SEO-friendly content. With the help of internal linking you can easily improve the authority of your blog. And, you also offer additional value to your readers by linking them to other posts.

External linking is an important factor in rankings, as you can provide more useful and reputable links to your users and these links also have bigger readability.

Search engines ranks the content with both external and internal links higher on the search results.

5) Optimizing Titles

SEO-friendly and optimized titles are must for your blog posts, as it is one of the most important factor in search engine-driven searches. Titles are the face of your complete post, so it should be optimized accordingly.

You should analyze your whole content and then use a keyword that is relevant, as using your focus keyword in the title is a good idea.

There are limits of pixels and characters on SERPs, so your titles should be of a particular length. There are various tools available with the help of which you create titles like CoSchedule.

6) Having SEO-friendly URL

“According to Matt Cutts, a website’s URL first 3-5 words have more weight.”

You should always focus on using SEO-friendly URLs, as they are easy to grasp. If you have a well-structured URL, then search engines prefer to take your URL into account and your chances of ranking higher increases.

7) Optimizing the Length of your Article

The length of your article should be optimized as per the search engines guidelines. Google gives more priority to the long posts but if you create a very long post, and then you may lose your potential readers.

Your articles should at least contain 300 words, otherwise it is considered to be spammy by the search engines. There is no limit for maximum number of words. But, if you want to keep your reader engaged, then it is recommended to write the posts of 700 to 800 words. And, the keywords should just make the 1-2% of the whole content.

8) Making your Blog and Site Mobile-friendly

Most of the people access internet over their mobile phones, so it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly site and blog to reach your target audience.

Almost half of the traffic you get comes straight from the mobile devices. And, Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm have given a boost and increased the power of in your mobile-friendly rankings.

Hopefully, the tips we have provided will help you create the content which is both user and search engine friendly. The more SEO-friendly content you will create the more traffic you will get, as it helps you get better rankings in search results.

And, once you are done with the quick work of SEO, you can dive further into a more detailed optimization procedure. Here, you’ll make an addition to the work already performed earlier.

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Determining how to manage your marketing online is difficult if you don’t already have a team. The costs involved with hiring an in house team is that they are expensive and can also drain your annual marketing budget. A digital marketing agency is affordable, flexible and presents you with your desired outcome.

1. Access The Skills You Need: Building an in-house team to take care of the entirety of your digital marketing efforts is a practical impossibility for many small to medium-sized businesses. In many situations, the skills your company needs are either hard to come by or too expensive. What's more, it won't be financially feasible to hire someone for a full or even part-time placement if you don't need their skills constantly and consistently. 

For example:

Having a Digital Marketing head, Social Media content person, technical and design people on board will not cost you less than 3,000 -4000 US $ (2,00,000 INR per month). Its best you test your Digital Marketing activities by hiring an external agency like us 360 Digital Idea having 5 year's Exp. at the fild of digital marketing and web designing & development.

2. Manage Your Budget More Effectively: Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency allows you to reach out to the skills and expertise your company needs as and when it needs them, it gives you far more control over your budget. Instead of employing a permanent member of staff, outsourcing allows you to tap into an enormous selection of digital marketing professionals all over the world.

3. Gain New Perspectives: An in-house group is inalienably restricted, consequently the reason their endeavors will be better used by having them concentrate on center business operations. Nonetheless, it's additionally great to get some fresh ideas and outsourcing offers outer points of view which can give precious bits of knowledge into the most recent patterns in the commercial center. You may know your business best,  but there's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

4. Meet Deadlines On Time: With a solid marketing strategy in place, your business cannot afford to stray due to the time limitations of an in-house team. Every business has its deadlines, but meeting them on time might not always be possible unless you outsource certain jobs. The ability to work with expert digital marketing agencies all over the world gives you the opportunity to meet your digital marketing and content creation deadlines every time.

5. Evaluating Competitors: Since digital marketing agencies have dealt with various industries and clients they have better knowledge at measuring competitors. If as a business head you find that your competitor has been more successful than you have been, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency that has studied your competitor better than you.

6. Going more Social: Digital marketing agencies are experts in understanding where to post, what to post, when and how to reach customers on social media. We have studied the length and breadth of social media marketing and help establish the right presence for your brand.

Final Words,

For most small businesses today, outsourcing digital marketing makes sense on many levels, not least because of the flexibility and affordability it presents. It might still take some time to find the most suitable agency for your particular needs, but the minimal financial commitment (compared to hiring a full time marketing employee or department) undoubtedly makes it worth the risk.

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A perfect real estate marketing plan for a new project has to be a mix of Online as well as Offline Marketing. Once a project is announced, a builder takes all necessary steps to ensure there is enough buzz created in the market. However the real challenge is with real estate broker companies to generate quality leads quickly to ensure,


  • Get a Microsite – A Microsite can work like a charm, if implemented correctly. As soon as a project is launched in India, there is a race between all major real estate broker companies to quickly book a domain and get their microsite live. First mover advantage is the key here. Don’t bother with a microsite if the project is over a month old, in some cases even if its a week old.
    Logic is simple, if you are able to bring a microsite live during a project’s pre-launch phase, you have an opportunity to build trust and authority with Google, for  that particular project name keyword, and hence rank on first page on Google. Its a well known fact that if you have the keyword or keyphrase, which you want to rank for, in a website Domain Name, then Google will give priority to that Website. Moreover since its a microsite, end users, who are interested in buying, end up giving their contact information, under the notion that its project’s official website or builder website.

While things are not as easy as it sounds. Many builders have become quite aware of such tactics and they now ensure no broker’s Microsite is live before their own microsite. Even if you have made it to first page of Google, it still doesn’t mean you are going to stay there permanently. It requires proper SEO, customer satisfaction and many similar factors to hold on to or increase your position on Google. That’s why, you must take a marketing expert’s help, if you are willing to execute this strategy. Good relationship with the builder and advance information are key factors here.

In my experience, I have observed this strategy, when executed properly can result in good quality of leads at low cost.

  • Google Adwords :- For Real Estate lead generation, Google Adwords or PPC actually works. It not only gives you instant response but also helps you get cost effective quality leads. But before you start your Adwords campaign, you must ensure, you have a strong landing page, with a responsive professional website. Be it a Microsite or Portal, the landing page must contain all important information about the project, brochure etc. While its a well known fact that most important keyword for a paid or organic campaign is ‘Project Name’, which means you and your competitors are likely to be bidding on this keyword, which makes ‘Ad Copy’ an important factor. Your Ad Copy should be intriguing enough for users to click on it.

In our experience, we have also seen remarketing work very well in real estate to get quality leads. Its highly recommended to hire an Adwords expert to get high returns on your Adwords investments.

  • Listing Websites – Listings websites such as 99acres, magicbricks etc, all have significant traffic and they are the easiest way to generate leads in real estate. Almost all of these have different type of package to meet every need. However if you want to create your own identity, your own brand name, these portals may not be very helpful.
  • Create your Identity – Just like in any business, In Real Estate, its important to have your own identity. You DO NOT want to come across as ‘Just Another Broker’ to your potential customers. While a lot can be done to achieve this, basics include having a proper company portal, which showcases all developers you are working with, all available inventory and what value added services you can give to your potential customers. To come across as a strong brand, you need to have a strong social presence as well as effective ORM in place.

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