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The advertiser can shoot E-Mails to Indigo Airline travelers.

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Branding is done at the footer of E-Tickets issue to the travelers of Indigo Airline

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Historical Performance Data

Date Campaign Duration Client Category Media Option Ad Type CTR
Oct-16 16 Days Finance Audio - 15sec Audio NA

About Saavn App Advertising

Saavn is the largest digital music streaming service for South Asians globally. It is a revolutionary streaming music service reinventing how people listen and share music, in India and around the world. Get all media options & best rates for Saavn App through 360 Digital Idea.

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Past Advertisers

  • Ola
  • MTV
  • MTS
  • Ford
  • Audi
  • Godrej
  • Kellog's
  • Bacardi
  • ICICI Bank
  • PC Jewellers

Facts and Figures

  • Monthly Active Users (Global) - 21 Mn
  • Average Session/User - 44 minutes
  • Monthly Stream - 334 Mn
  • 90% of users are under the age of 35
  • 34% of Saavn listeners listen to romantic and soft songs
  • 19% of Saavn listeners listen to party songs
  • Monthly Active Users in Chennai - 3 lac
  • Monthly Active Users in Tamil Nadu - 6.5 lac

Filters Possible on Saavn

How Filters help in targeting the audience?

1. Geo Targeting - One can target the audience by their city or state

2. Language - One can target the audience by which language songs they are listening to

3. Playlist - One can target the audience by the playlist they are listening to

4. Operating System - One can target the audience by their operating system

5. Telecom - One can target the audience by their telecom network. This can be possible by using the Ip address of the device

6. Frequent Traveler - One can target the audience who are frequent traveler. This can be done by using the Ip address of the device. e.g. if somebody is travelling to few cities in a month, that will be considered as frequent traveler

7. Gender Targeting - One can target the audience according to their gender. This can be done for those audience who are logged in to Saavn app via their Facebook account.

8. Handset Models and Cost : One can target the audience according to the handset they are using. This can be done by using the Ip address of the device

Active Users in Metros

Markets Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users
Delhi 243,900 2,109,442
Pune 81,100 1,798,900
Mumbai 117,350 1,480,910
Bangalore 89,800 1,064,698
Kolkata 63,700 763,459
Hyderabad 61,400 787,783
Ahmedabad 41,500 768,200
Chennai 37,100 573,800

How do I know my ad has been placed?

When the campaign is live, you will get a link from where you can track the ad delivery.

After the completion of campaign, a Doubleclick (DSP) Report will be shared with you.

Media Kit

Saavn, App App advertising is utilized by variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. Grow your business with advertising across the India's best app. Promote your business on the apps that delight people every day. Ads run seamlessly in all the smart phones across India. You can explore Saavn, App In App advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising cost in Media Options and Pricing tab.

Whether it's an in app promotion, display marketing, or branded challenges Saavn, App Mobile App branding offer you the opportunity to speak to a young and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment. With Saavn, App Mobile App creative advertising campaigns, you will achieve your business goals quickly and easily.

Apps are increasingly always on, collecting valuable information such as location, communications records, social circles, and browsing preferences. In many ways, this information is the lifeblood of the mobile app ecosystem: not only can it be coalesced to deliver incredibly informative, relevant, and delightful experiences for mobile users, but it can provide value to mobile advertisers to help fuel their brand.

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