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Advertising in Hotstar, App   

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The advertiser can shoot E-Mails to Indigo Airline travelers.

Filter Possible : Source, Destination, Da..

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600 X 800 px

Lead Time : 5 Days

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Branding is done at the footer of E-Tickets issue to the travelers of Indigo Airline

Filter Possible : Source, Destination, Date...

Proof Of Execution : Online Report

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Lead Time : 5 Days


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360digitalidea Messages

1. 75% of the traffic comes from App. Advertiser can put ad on App and Website together at same cost

2. Hotstar provides their own reporting link from VideoPlaza. The advertiser can also add a 3rd party tracker to track the user's behavior on the site.

3. Apart from video ads and interstitial banner, Hotstar also provide Sponsorship ad opportunity which includes billboard ad, static display unit, L band banner, sponsored logo and sponsored content. Reach out to us at info@360digitalidea.com for quote.

4. Hotstar provides special packages that advertising opportunities around the screening of Pan India events like IPL, Asia Cup etc.

5. One can advertise in Bangladesh with rates same as India Targeting.

6. No filter is available on targeting Sports section (Live content). One has to do a PAN India campaign. When an advertiser has advertised on Sports section their ad will remain same on highlights of that sports.

7. No Ad will be shown to Hotstar Premium Audience

8. Maximum Ad length size on Hotstar is 60 Sec

Historical Performance Data

Date Campaign Duration Client Category Media Option Ad Type CTR
Jun-17 50 Days Travel and Tourism Video - 30 Sec Video 12.89%
Jul-17 12 Days Healthcare Video - 20 Sec Video 8.16%
Aug-17 32 Days FMCG Video - 10 Sec Video 4.36%
Aug-17 10 Days E-Commerce Video - 10 Sec Video 6.11%
Aug-17 14 Days E-Commerce Video - 10 Sec Video 5.65%
Aug-17 38 Days E-Commerce Video - 20 Sec Video 7.21%
Sep-17 15 Days E-Commerce Video - 30 Sec Video 6.83%
Sep-17 2 Days Entertainment Video - 6 Sec Video 11.27%
Oct-17 6 Days Food & Beverage Video - 37 Sec Video 15.92%
Nov-17 14 Days Healthcare Video - 20 Sec Video 5.24%
Nov-17 16 Days News 30 Sec Video 6.95%

About Hotstar App Advertising

Hotstar offers the most compelling catalogue ever offered on mobile and the web, making it a complete video destination for consumers. The platform has been designed and purpose-built for one reason – to provide the best video experience for TV Shows, Movies and Sports, all in a single destination. You can access full-length episodes of your favourite TV Shows, full-length Bollywood, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali Movies in addition to live sports streaming which includes Cricket, ProKabaddi, Badminton etc.

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