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The advertiser can shoot E-Mails to Indigo Airline travelers.

Filter Possible : Source, Destination, Da..

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Need To Provide : Email in HTML format


600 X 800 px

Lead Time : 5 Days

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Branding is done at the footer of E-Tickets issue to the travelers of Indigo Airline

Filter Possible : Source, Destination, Date...

Proof Of Execution : Online Report

Need To Provide : Content in Text format...

Lead Time : 5 Days


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Google Search Ad Package

Google Advertising package for Search

The Media Ant offers attractive low price minimum spend Google Search Ad packages. Depending on your requirement pick either from Trial, Value or High Impact package. These Google search packages have been designed keeping in mind a first time advertiser on Google. All of these Google Ad packages are popular among small businesses and startups. The reason these advertising packages on Google are popular as they are not only transparent in terms on how many clicks would you get but also takes care of the basic issues in trying Google advertising namely landing page and creative. So whether you are an online business or an offline store, try one of these packages and see the results Google search can bring to your business.

One frequently asked question by advertisers trying Google Search advertising package is - why is there such a huge range on number of clicks that they can expect? The reason for this is that Google search ads work on bidding model where advertisers decide how much are they willing to pay for showing their ad on Google.com So for a competitive category like Mobile, Electronics and Insurance cost per click is very high whereas for a low searched category like Buying Curtains online, the bids might be low. Actual cost per click for a Google search ad can be figured only once the campaign starts. These rates also come down over a period of time. The Media Ant as an agency for Google search ads continuously optimize your bids to ensure highest number of clicks at the lowest possible price. Contact us today for any questions regarding Google Search Ad Packages.

About Google Search Advertising

Google search advertising, also known as paid search marketing, Google Ad words and PPC is a self-serve platform advertising option where you can target your potential customers with text ads. These text ads appear whenever the user searches something matching the keywords set by you on Google Search, Google Play, Google Maps and Google search partners.

Keywords are terms that define what search queries would make the Google Search Advertisements visible and how they would be matched.

Google Search ad can appear at the top or end of the Google Search Page. Sometimes, there are more than one Google Search Ads competing for the same set of keywords. In this case, their position on the Google Search Page would be defined by the term Ad Rank. The Ad Rank is decided by a number of factors: your bid, ad quality (click through rate, ad relevance, landing page), the search term etc.

Advantages of Google Search Advertising

Following are the advantages of Google Search Advertising:

  • Google Search Advertising is also known as PPC (Pay per Click). This means that the advertiser has to pay only when a potential customer clicks on the advertisement.
  • The advertiser can target specific audience by defining the audience as well as the keywords that would be used to search for the products.
  • The advertiser can track the ad spend and ad performance in real time and can always optimize the ad for better performance.

What do you get in the first month?

1. Setting up the advertising campaign on Google Adword

2. Advertising worth Rs 5000

3. One month campaign

Google Search Advertising Targeting Options

One of the best features of Google Search Ads is options to target your desired audience. This targeting can be based on the audience behaviour or Content.

Audience Behaviour

  • Demographics: Targeting can be done based on user location, age, gender and device type.
  • Affinity: Audience having particular characteristics or behaviour, ex- shopaholic audience
  • In-Market: Audience who have been looking for products or categories similar to yours recently.
  • Custom Intent: Customers who are likely to engage with your ads. Apart from keywords, you can also add URLs of other websites, apps and Youtube Content to let Google know your target audience.
  • Similar Audiences: In case you have a remarketing list with you, you can target people having interests common or similar to that of the people in the remarketing lists.
  • Remarketing: Target audience who have already interacted with your ads, your site or apps would be exposed to your ads more often.

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