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Incorporating SEO from the Ground Up: A Guide for Launching Your New Website

Incorporating SEO from the Ground Up: A Guide for Launching Your New Website Launching a new website is undoubtedly an exciting venture for any company. Every detail, from color schemes and logos to fonts and images, is scrutinized meticulously. However, amidst all this creative fervor, one crucial aspect is often overlooked: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)….

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Understanding the Significance of Buyer Intent Keywords

Understanding the Significance of Buyer Intent Keywords In the world of online marketing, there’s a crucial aspect that can make or break your efforts – the choice of keywords. You’ve probably heard about keywords before, those specific words or phrases that people type into search engines when they’re looking for something. But did you know…

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The importance of website speed and user experience in digital marketing

In the world of digital marketing, user experience (UX) and website speed have become two critical factors that can make or break a business. In this fast-paced digital age, consumers expect immediate results and quick access to information. Therefore, a slow-loading website with poor UX is not only frustrating for users but can also negatively…

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Steps to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

In today’s digital age, having a website is crucial for businesses of all sizes. However, simply having a website is not enough – to ensure your website is visible and drives business success, it’s essential to optimize it for search engines. That’s where 360 Digital Idea comes in – our digital marketing services are designed…

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How to write a meta description and meta title for Shopify?

Shopify meta descriptions and meta titles can help your shop in numerous ways like getting high rankings in the SERPs and showing a potential customer what your store is actually about and what it offers. Also, a well-written, clear, simple, and striking meta title and description  can help you not only increase impressions but also…

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