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Bother-Free Programmatic Advertising Services

Need paid promotion results without the problem of physically checking and enhancing your advertisements? Automatic publicizing administrations from 360 Digital Idea can help — and they sneak up all of a sudden, boosting promotion perceptibility rates by as much as 70%. Continue perusing to find out additional!

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Qualified Leads Generated
Qualified Calls Generated
Ecommerce Transactions

Aggressive Plan


$1,500 initial investment

Let's Do This
  • $2,501-$5,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Basic ad targeting
  • Ad creative development
  • Strategic bid management

Market Leader Plan

14% of ad spend

$2,500 initial investment

Let's Do This
  • $5,000-$15,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Advanced ad targeting
  • Ad creative development
  • Strategic bid management

Trailblazer Plan

12% of ad spend

$3,500 initial investment

Let's Do This
  • $15,000+/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Advanced ad targeting
  • Ad creative development
  • Strategic bid management

360 Digital Idea Programmatic Ad Services

In case you're searching for a problem free online advertisement the executives arrangement, automatic publicizing administrations from 360 Digital Idea can help.

Our reality class automatic promotion administrations start at $350/month and streamline the online advertisement procedure to gain you more leads and changes for less cash.

In the event that you like the sound of that, simply continue perusing to figure out how our automatic promotion administrations work, see our arrangements and valuing, and reach us today to begin!

We get it — once in a while you need to talk directly to the source. To talk with an automatic promoting master, don't hesitate to call us at


Director of Marketing | Private Liberal Arts College

360 Digital Idea's PPC administration is light a very long time in front of the challenge due to their savvy, particular and respectful record supervisors.

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Valuing: Programmatic Advertising Services

At 360 Digital Idea, we comprehend that each business is one of a kind — and we offer various automatic advertisement administration choices to accommodate your objectives and spending plan.

Here's a breakdown of our automatic promotion administration plans and estimating:


Initial campaign development & strategy
Demographic Targeting
Age range
Education level
Related website interests
Behavior targeting
Mobile device targeting
Mobile carrier targeting
Product based
Day(s) of week
Hour(s) of day
B2B targeting - Position(s)/Title(s)
B2B targeting - Industry (Company)
B2B targeting - Company(ies)
B2B targeting - Company sizes
B2B targeting - Company location (State)
Native advertising
Brand positioning research & insights
Network research and price negotiations
Impression based targeting (if desired)
Google analytics integration & goal tracking
Results analysis/reporting 4 dashboards 8 dashboards 8 dashboards
Strategic bid management
Ad rotation for conversion
Dedicated Internet Marketer
Up to two personal consultations per month
Ad Creative Creation (One set)
Ad Sizes:
468x60 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
728x90 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
250x250 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
200x200 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
336x280 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
300x250 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
120x600 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
160x600 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash
Remarketing strategy & implementation
Setup of universal conversion tracking pixel across all channels
Setup and management of conversion funnel
Contextual brand safety technology through Peer39
Video Display 360
Google Display Network 360
Dataxu Placement
StackAdapt Placement
adswizz Placement
Zeta Placement
Spotify Ad Placement
Pandora Ad Placement
Amazon Display placement
Digital TV Placement (Hulu, etc.)
Multivariate testing on landing page By Quote By Quote By Quote
Multivariate testing ecommerce store & checkout/cart process By Quote By Quote By Quote
Monthly performance & analysis reporting
Performance Based Real Time AI Bidding Platform
One time setup (1st month): $1500 $2500 $3500
Progressive monthly management $350 14% of monthly ad spend 12% of monthly ad spend
Need more information? Call Us: +1-917-725-3071 GET STARTED GET STARTED GET STARTED

Need more information? Call Us: +1-917-725-3071


Our programmatic advertising services include:

Campaign development and strategy

At 360 Digital Idea, we comprehend that each business is unique. Our online advertisement specialists work with your organization to build up a one of a kind promotion procedure dependent on your objectives and spending plan.

Custom ad targeting

With the objective of associating you to your optimal crowd, our promotion administrations incorporate focusing on choices dependent on:

  • Demographics
  • Geo-location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Education level
  • Related website interests
  • Behavior
  • Mobile device and carrier
  • And more

Likewise, our Market Leader and Trailblazer plans incorporate B2B focusing by:

  • Position/Title
  • Industry
  • Company
  • Company size
  • Company location

Our progressed focusing on sets aside you cash since you'll abstain from publicizing to individuals who aren't keen on your items and administrations — and drives profit by customized advertisement encounters.

FOrmation of ad creative

Notwithstanding situating and focusing on, we'll grow advertisement imaginative sure to connect with and convert your intended interest group. We offer various promotion sizes and organizations to speak to your crowd — and our fashioners realize how to make outwardly engaging advertisements that tempt clicks.

Google Analytics integration and goal tracking

We'll help screen your advertisement execution and make required enhancements to drive stunningly better outcomes with your automatic promotions. You won't need to lift a finger to receive the rewards of A+ automatic promotions.

Remarketing strategy and implementation

Our Market Leader and Trailblazer plans incorporate remarketing alternatives to help you reconnect and convert more clients. For a total review of our automatic publicizing plans and estimating, simply click here.

Industry-leading expertise

At the point when you pick 360 Digital Idea as your automatic promoting accomplice, you'll get access to a group of paid advertisement specialists. You'll be combined with a record administrator, devoted to driving the most ideal outcomes for your business — and every one of our arrangements incorporate up to two individual interviews for each month.

Strategic ad testing

We likewise offer multivariate testing for greeting pages and web based business truck/checkout forms. Get in touch with us for a custom statement in the event that you require these extra administrations.

Video: What is programmatic advertising?

Trevin Shirey, Sr. Chief of Business Development at 360 Digital Idea, clarifies what automatic promoting is and how it can develop your business.

Programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) to automate and streamline the ad buying process.

Programmatic advertising definition

Not at all like customary promotion purchasing, automatic publicizing centers more around purchasing an advertisement crowd than an advertisement position — and eventually, progressed focusing on interfaces your business with increasingly qualified leads, transformations, and income.

Automatic promoting may appear to be a confused procedure. Be that as it may, truly, the robotized procedure occurs in milliseconds, enabling you to set aside time and money.

Before we plunge into the subtleties of automatic promoting, it's essential to see some fundamental innovations used to computerize the advertisement purchasing process.

Programmatic ad technology

  • Demand-side platforms (DSPs): Allow you to purchase promotion space by means of an advertisement trade like Google Ad Manager, which incorporates publicizing stock from distributers.
  • Supply-side platforms (SSPs):Allow distributers to offer and oversee promotion space to publicizing keen on acquiring.
  • Data Management Platforms (DMP): Allow associations to gather client information for advanced showcasing and automatic publicizing.

These innovations, alongside AI, permit automatic promoting to computerize the advertisement purchasing process and convey important promotions — all in milliseconds.

Step-by-step programmatic ad process

With an essential comprehension of automatic promotion tech added to your repertoire, how about we stall precisely how automatic advertisements work.

  1. A client lands on a site engaged with automatic promoting, setting off the robotized advertisement procedure to begin.
  2. The site distributer consequently sends advertisement space measurements to a stock side stage (SSP).
  3. The SSP investigates a client's treats to gather however much information as could reasonably be expected with respect to socioeconomics, premiums, and more to convey a significant advertisement.
  4. The organizing request side stage (DSP) surveys the information assembled by the SSP and allocates the client a worth — the value of the client's promotion impression.
  5. The DSP presents an offer to the SSP utilizing constant offering.
  6. The SSP audits all offers and chooses a champ. Note: The careful value you pay will rely upon the sale, yet you'll never surpass your greatest offer.
  7. The SSP conveys the advertisement to the client.

Keep in mind, while this procedure appears to be confounded, it's everything mechanized and occurs in milliseconds, without the site guest in any event, realizing what's going on in the background.

In the event that automatic publicizing still appears to be overwhelming, don't stress. 360 Digital Idea is here to control you through each progression of the procedure.

How do 360 Digital Idea automatic promoting administrations work?

Since you comprehend the nuts and bolts of automatic publicizing, you're most likely considering how our automatic advertisement administrations work.

Here's a speedy breakdown of the procedure:

  1. Your organization needs to sell more items or administrations.
  2. You employ 360 Digital Idea — a top automatic promotion administrations organization.
  3. We set up exceptionally customized automatic advertisements that utilization ongoing information to target purchasers dependent on socioeconomics, topography, interests, conduct, time of day, gadgets they use, and then some.
  4. Automatic promotions utilize robotized offering to purchase advanced advertisement stock in places your crowd frequents on the web.
  5. Your intended interest group sees customized advertisements dependent on their needs and practices.
  6. You sit back, unwind, and appreciate higher transformations, deals, and income. .

At the point when you pick 360 Digital Idea as your automatic promotion accomplice, you'll appreciate the advantages of a streamlined advertisement process — and you can concentrate on what you excel at — maintaining your business.

Where will my programmatic ads be placed?

Happy you inquired. Our automatic advertisement administrations highlight arrangement on top promotion stages, including:

  • Google Display Network 360
  • Video Display 360
  • Dataxu
  • StackAdapt
  • Adswizz
  • Zeta
  • Shopify
  • Pandora
  • Amazon Display
  • Digital TV (Hulu, etc.)
  • And more!
Programmatic ad platforms

What's more, we offer logical brand security innovation however Peer39, so you can have confidence your promotions are driving genuine, qualified traffic to your site. This propelled tech averts squandered stock and advertisement spending, enabling you to amplify leads and changes from your automatic promotions.

Advantages of automatic promotion administrations

Still not persuaded automatic promoting is directly for you? Investigate these main three advantages of automatic promoting for organizations like yours.

1. Greater ad control helps you reach qualified leads

While conventional compensation per-click (PPC) advertisements offer focusing on choices, automatic promotions go above and beyond to give you more command over your advertisements and target crowd.

Automatic promoting centers around associating you with a particular crowd. As it were, it causes you contact the perfect individuals with the correct advertisement at the opportune time.

These exceptionally focused on promotions enable you to contact individuals dependent on socioeconomics, time of day, locales they visit, and more to augment the capability of your advertisements.

2. Extra precision saves money and drives growth

A genuine success win circumstance — you won't squander cash promoting to an inappropriate crowd, and leads will appreciate advertisements that take into account their remarkable needs and premiums.

The additional accuracy managed by automatic publicizing enables you to set aside cash and drive business development.

3. Streamlined ad buying saves you time

Since automatic publicizing utilizes robotized, continuous offering, you'll likewise spare time and drive better outcomes.

Cooperating with 360 Digital Idea will comfort you since we ceaselessly screen your advertisement crusades and distinguish answers for improving your promotions to augment transformations and income.

With automatic promotion administrations, manual offering is a relic of days gone by — and you'll appreciate the problem free outcomes you need — all while remaining inside your advertisement spending plan.

Programmatic ads vs. traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Thinking about how automatic advertisements vary from customary paid publicizing?

It's critical to take note of that automatic publicizing is a type of PPC. Nonetheless, as noted above, automatic publicizing centers more around purchasing a specific crowd versus a specific advertisement space.

Here are a couple of key contrasts among automatic and customary paid media purchasing.

Bidding: While customary hunt promotions depend on an offering model alone, automatic advertisements utilize continuous awaiting and enable you to set a story cost with specific accomplices. Likewise, automatic advertisements enable you to work with a fixed CPM cost for direct arrangements.

Ad setup and implementation: Traditional pursuit publicizing efforts require colossal meticulousness to drive most extreme contact with insignificant venture. Neglecting to precisely info and screen offers can bring about a great many dollars of squandered advertisement spend.

While automatic advertisements likewise expect meticulousness, computerized offering and day by day spend limits help to expand your financial limit and drive the most ideal outcomes.

Key measurements: Traditional PPC crusades frequently center around active clicking factor (CTR), which is legitimately attached to quality score and eventually promotion cost. Commonly, higher CTR compares to bring down cost per click.

Be that as it may, with automatic promotions, high CTR can show deceitful traffic. Automatic promotions center more around perceptibility or what level of individuals really saw your advertisements.

Begin with automatic promoting administrations from 360 Digital Idea

Prepared to receive the rewards of a profoundly focused on, streamlined promotion process?

Over the most recent five years, we've driven $1.5 billion in income for our customers — and our outcomes concentrated advertisement procedure will assist you with boosting changes and income.

Contact us online or give us a call at +1-917-725-3071 to speak with a strategist!

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