Why Is My Website Traffic Going Down? (And How Do I Fix It?)

Let it be known, you're stressed.

Your site traffic is down, which implies your main concern is enduring. Organization pioneers are going to you with one basic inquiry: "For what reason is my site traffic going down?" You need an answer (and an answer) quick.

A drop-in site traffic can occur for an assortment of reasons.

This post covers the four most basic reasons for a site traffic drop, just as answers for each issue. Continue perusing to discover why your site traffic is going down. In the event that you need quick help, however, call us at +1-917-725-3071 and our accomplished group will assist you with finding and fix the issue!


1.     Another calculation update propelled

For some organizations, a calculation update is the most widely recognized offender for lower site traffic.


Web crawlers like Google and Bing aren't relaxing around. They're continually searching for approaches to improve the inquiry experience in light of the fact that a superior hunt experience implies more joyful clients, and fulfilled clients mean expanded devotion and piece of the overall industry.

That is the reason it's basic for web indexes to refresh their calculations normally. A refreshed calculation, in any case, can change your site's positioning in list items. It can improve your positioning or decline it, which impacts your site traffic.

On the off chance that a web crawler like Google, for instance, refreshes their calculation and that outcomes in your site moving from page one to page two for a focused catchphrase, it can cut your webpage traffic considerably. That is on the grounds that solitary 25 percent of clients see the second page of list items.


While your organization can't take care of web indexes improving their calculations, you can adjust your online system to represent these updates. A cross-channel promoting system, for instance, can enable your business to acquire site traffic from different sources.

driving traffic to website from multiple sources, paid, email, search, and social

A few examples include:

In the event that your site traffic drops in view of a calculation update, it's additionally worth researching the update. While web search tools like Google once in a while remark on calculation changes, industry specialists frequently assemble investigate that features what the update included.

This data can enable your group to review your site and make potential fixes to improve your positioning.


2.     Your website is HTTP, not HTTPS

An unbound site can likewise encounter a huge (and changeless) drop in site traffic.


Online security is fundamental, which is the reason most sites utilize Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). HTTPS, in contrast with HyperText Transfer Protocol, encodes and moves client information, similar to charge card data securely.

In 2014, Google reported that HTTPS would fill in as a little positioning sign for its internet searcher calculation. In the years since, notwithstanding, cybersecurity has gotten basic, which is the reason Internet programs, similar to Google Chrome, presently ready clients when visiting a website that utilizations HTTP versus HTTPS.

An unsecure website alert in Google Chrome

The full-page warning prevents a client from landing on your webpage and urges them to go "Back to Safety." Even if a client decides to visit your site, their program will show that your website is unbound.

An unsecure URL in Google Chrome

That’s why a website that uses HTTP, instead of HTTPS, can experience not only less website traffic but also fewer sales. If a user realizes that your site is unsecure, they won’t feel safe enough to make an online purchase.


In case you're asking, "For what reason is my site traffic going down?" and your site utilizes HTTP, you're going to require the assistance of a designer. With the help of your advancement group (or a believed organization like 360 Digital thought), you can refresh your site to HTTPS, which can reestablish your site traffic quick.

Get HTTPS for your site with the accompanying advances:

  • Secure a committed IP address for your site, except if you have one as of now
  • Purchase a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) declaration
  • Enact your SSL testament with your web have
  • Introduce the SSL authentication on your space

The actuation and establishment of your SSL declaration can take a couple of days.

It's likewise fundamental for your web improvement group to divert clients (and web crawlers) to your protected webpage. Without a divert, it's feasible for web indexes and clients to get to your HTTP website, which can hurt your client experience and site design improvement (SEO) technique.


3.     Your keyword strategy is outdated

An old Keywords methodology can likewise make a moderate, relentless, and predictable traffic decline.


Organizations that experience a slow abatement in site traffic need to assess their Keyword methodology. Regardless of whether you don't have a catchphrase procedure for SEO, it's fundamental to audit your substance and what it positions for in list items.

That is on the grounds that individuals (and their inquiry propensities) change.

A comparison between searches for cellphones and smartphones in Google Trends

Google Trends a free apparatus, shows how look and in any event, shopping propensities change. Prior to the dispatch of the iPhone, and possible takeover of the cell phone, individuals would in general quest for "cellphone." Now, be that as it may, most clients look for "cell phone."

In the event that your organization doesn't adjust to these sorts of changes in your industry, you hazard losing significant site traffic. That is on the grounds that your site content won't appear to be pertinent or valuable to web crawlers or clients, which can bring about lower rankings in list items.


Refreshing your catchphrase system is a period and asset escalated process. Regardless of whether you have a little site, your group needs to contribute an opportunity to upgrade and reconsider content. The arrival on venture (ROI), notwithstanding, is considerable and definitely justified even despite the speculation.

Manufacture your site traffic back up with the accompanying advances:

  • Review your Keywords methodology, searching for obsolete or conventional watchwords
  • Research elective catchphrases with a higher hunt volume and generally speaking worth
  • Overhaul your substance to incorporate these elective keyword

By and large, your organization will find new substance points in your keyword explore.

This is a major success for your business since it improves your substance showcasing plan and SEO technique. Besides, the new substance can enable your organization to rank in significant query items and win extra site traffic.


4.     Your website’s design forgot about SEO

A webpage plan that doesn't consider SEO can make annihilating harm your site traffic.


Updating your site is a phenomenal choice, particularly on the off chance that you have a more seasoned site. A revived site looks present-day and expert, in addition to gives a superior client experience, which can build your main concern.

The issue, in any case, is that numerous organizations disregard SEO when structuring their site.

Depending on your redesign, your fix may take a significant amount of time

Indeed, even website architecture offices commit this error. While they get configuration and how to make an appealing and usable site, they don't perceive the connection between website architecture and SEO, and how an overhauled (or recently structured) site can tank traffic.

A couple of ways a site upgrade can hurt your SEO and traffic include:

  • Supplanting page content, including title labels and meta depictions, with unoptimized content
  • Making shiny new pages for existing pages, without setting up a 301 divert
  • Changing the site structure, without refreshing the sitemap
  • Updating the site without including your Google Analytics following code

In correlation, a webpage configuration can keep your site from regularly accomplishing its fantasy levels of traffic. That is on the grounds that, without SEO, your site will battle to show up in indexed lists identified with your industry, items, or administrations.

Since your web composition effects your whole webpage, it's basic to fix this issue immediately.


Organizations can move toward a traffic drop following a site update a couple of ways, including:

  • Reestablish your past site with reinforcements
  • Streamline your new substance and site
  • Update your sitemap
  • Set up 301 sidetracks

Contingent upon your upgrade, your fix may take a lot of time.

For instance, if your organization needs to restart your SEO methodology, it will set aside some effort to rank in query items and procure the sort of traffic that your site had previously. In correlation, making 301 sidetracks requires less work, however, your traffic levels will likely take half a month or months to recoup.

In the event that your unique website architecture doesn't drive traffic, your group should adopt a comparable strategy. While you should not set up diverts, you should make upgraded content for your site and crowd.

Your business can likewise work with a full-administration office that represents considerable authority in website composition and SEO, as 360 Digital Idea. We can support your group and friends to recover your traffic, just as a guarantee that future plan refreshes ensure your SEO methodology.


7 extra reasons your site traffic is down

Still, confounded concerning why your site traffic is going down? Look at these potential causes:

1.      Broken 301 redirects Review your 301 redirects for errors and fix

Ensure canonical tags, XML sitemaps, and links are up-to-date

2.      Manual Google penalty Log in to your Google Search Console account and check alerts

Make recommended site or page changes

3.      Slow page speed Check page speed with PageSpeed Insights

Make updates or use page speed optimization services

4.      Poor internal linking Audit internal linking strategy

Add internal links to content deep in your website

Use anchor text related to page topic or targeted keyword

5.      Unreliable server Review server performance and hosting package

Move to a new service provider or different hosting package

6.      Duplicate content Check website for identical blocks of content

Make identical content unique

7.      Unindexed site View Google Search Console to see if site and pages indexed

Submit website and pages for indexing

Reestablish your site traffic (to say the very least) with 360 Digital Idea

Nobody needs to see their site traffic down, yet it occurs. Realizing why your site traffic is going down on Google and how you can fix it, in any case, gives your business the understanding and apparatuses for recovering your traffic.

By and large, it's a huge errand to reestablish your site traffic, as after a site overhaul or deserted watchword methodology. That is the reason organizations join forces with our full-administration computerized promoting office.

With over 20 years of experience, in addition to in excess of 200 web showcasing masters, we have what it takes and innovation to support your organization. Simply peruse our tributes and advanced promoting administrations to perceive how our group can help yours.

Give us a ring at +1-917-725-3071 on the off chance that you have any inquiries!

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