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Search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management can work together to improve a brand’s online presence, but they differ in their focus. While SEO concentrates on optimizing a website’s onsite content, reputation management SEO aims to influence the rankings of multiple web pages across various sites. The effectiveness of reputation management techniques depends on factors such as the brand, target audience, digital presence, and the type of pages targeted for promotion or demotion in search results.

  1. On page 

One basic SEO technique to improve rankings is to optimize the on-page content of a webpage with relevant keywords. Brands can improve the content on their own website and other digital assets they can modify, such as their profiles on social media platforms or third-party review sites. Landing page optimization tools can help identify focus terms that can be added to off-site content to enhance its ranking for the same target keywords as negative content.

  1. The backlinks 

Another approach is to build backlinks to positive digital assets. Google is more likely to rank pages with more backlinks, so creating original content that links to off-site assets that brands want to rank higher is a fundamental reputation management tactic. However, boosting the authority of multiple digital properties requires significant resources and effort, which is why digital agencies like LinkGraph offer reputation management services that include link acquisition at scale. Brands with high domain authority can also create dedicated landing pages on their site to pass link juice to positive press coverage.

  1. Public relations 

Public relations (PR) firms can also help brands earn positive coverage from online properties that hold major SEO power. PR teams can actively seek out press coverage that can quickly overtake any negative material that is currently ranking, leveraging Google’s recency signals with news articles. Entrepreneur online profiles, founder biographies, general business profiles, and thought leader pieces are all likely to rank well when someone searches for a company name. Paid search campaigns can also intercept clicks away from negative content, but they are expensive and not a long-term solution. 

  1. Paid techniques 

Paid search campaigns are a costly yet efficient option to rank higher than the digital locations that you want to keep an eye on. They intercept 46% of clicks away from organic rankings on online searches, redirecting users from negative news articles to your business website. This strategy is effective for a short period, enough for negative coverage to become outdated and irrelevant, but it is not a permanent solution if negative content continues to hold top spots in SERPs.

In conclusion, optimizing on-page content, building backlinks to positive digital assets, earning new positive coverage through PR, and using paid search campaigns to intercept clicks are some of the effective reputation management techniques that brands can use to enhance their online reputation.

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