Instagram Ads

Generate more sales with latest top performing Story Ads of Instagram with Adyogi's automatic budget and bid optimizer.

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Cross-Channel Insights

360 Digital Idea helps to view detailed statistics and performance in terms of ROI, CTR, CPM and other aspects across Facebook and Instagram individually to analyze the performance of various campaign which helps in making more informed budgeting decisions through a unified multichannel interface.

Automatic Budget Optimizer

360 Digital Idea platform automatically analyzes the performance of campaigns across Facebook and Instagram and allocates budgets to that channel which is paying off the most.

Workflow Automation

360 Digital Idea helps to automate redundant manual tasks of setting up a campaign independently on Instagram which helps you to save time for strategic Instagram campaign management, measurement and optimization. It helps you to unlock higher advertising ROI at scale.

Revenue Optimization

360 Digital Idea platform helps you to reach users on Instagram who are more likely to make a purchase from your website and grow your return on ad-spend. It helps you to intelligently engage those who will drive the most revenue over time and increase the overall ROI from Facebook and Instagram.

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