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Want to grow your e-commerce store and boost your revenue, then Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best options for you. 360 Digital Idea helps to boost your e-commerce store’s rankings and rank at the top of search results.

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$5,500 Initial Investment

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  • 20 page-one guaranteed keyphrases
  • 4 custom dashboards
  • 4 pages of SEO copy
  • Keyword rank checker access
  • 3 links or content assets



$6,000-$6,500 Initial Investment

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  • 35 page-one guaranteed keyphrases
  • 8 custom dashboards
  • 20 pages of SEO copy
  • Shopping cart funnel analysis
  • 7 links or content assets



$8,000 Initial Investment

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  • 50 page-one guaranteed keyphrases
  • 8 custom dashboards
  • 40 pages of SEO copy
  • Customer review strategy
  • 16 links or content assets

Ecommerce SEO Services That Boost Online Order

Take your business in an upward direction with the help of SEO, it helps your business to boost its revenue and growth, and increase website traffic.

With our e-commerce SEO services and Experienced team, your website will rank higher in search results and gets more traffic on the website.

The more keyword you use to successfully target, the more qualified customers will click on your products, and in turn, you'll see an increase in conversions and revenue.

Start growing your online business with 360 Digital Idea.

With a client retention rate of 61%, plus a client recommendation score that exceeds the industry average by 308%, we're a trusted e-commerce SEO agency for businesses worldwide.

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I didn't know where to start in managing the online marketing and advertising for my new retail business and 360 Digital Idea came to the rescue. They helped me understand what we needed to do and we're a full-service solution in getting it all implemented. I would recommend the 360 Digital Idea for SEO services.

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360 Digital Idea Ecommerce SEO Services


Number of keyphrases optimized(Keyphrases with less than 1M results) Up to 150 Up to 300 Up to 600 Custom
Web server analysis & reporting Custom
Keyphrase research Custom
Predictive keyword analysis Custom
Meta tags Custom
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls Custom
Quarterly content asset links or long form/skyscraper content assets 3 links or content assets 7 links or content assets 16 links or content assets Custom
Mobile site optimization (if applicable) Custom
Information architecture audit Custom
Google Analytics setup with conversion tracking Custom
Google Analytics traffic analysis Custom
Creation of Google Analytics custom dashboards 4 dashboards 8 dashboards 8 dashboards Custom
Not provided filter / Not provided analysis reporting Custom
Setup of website sitemap Custom
Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools setup Custom
Google/Bing Webmaster Tools analysis (initial and ongoing) Custom
Alternate text added to images Custom
Product image optimization Custom
Link redirect audit Custom
Breadcrumb analysis/implementation Custom
Broken link correction (initial) Custom
Broken link correction (monthly) Custom
On-page crawl error correction (initial) Custom
On-page crawl error correction (monthly) Custom
Custom 404 error page setup Custom
Product Markup - Schema HTML tags (initial) Custom
Product Markup - Schema HTML tags (ongoing) Custom
Rel="publisher" implementation Custom
Initial copywriting articles or blog posts (up to 500 words) Up to 4 pages Up to 20 pages Up to 40 pages Custom
Initial copywriting for product descriptions (up to 150 words) Up to 10 products Up to 20 products Up to 40 products Custom
Ongoing quarterly copywriting for product descriptions Up to 10 products Up to 10 products Up to 20 products Custom
Quarterly web page freshness updates Custom
Initial link analysis and disavow Custom
Dedicated account representative Custom
Online project management schedule Custom
Ongoing monthly keyword reporting Custom
Ongoing monthly traffic reporting Custom
Ongoing monthly transaction/revenue reporting Custom
Google data highlights Custom
Competitor intelligence report Custom
ContentGeniusFX Includes
Internal linking restructuring Custom
Linkable content promotion Custom
Proper URL structure analysis Custom
URL Parameter normalization/exclusions Custom
Header Tags Optimized (ex. H1s) Custom
Duplicate content analysis & correction Custom
Social media monitoring software Custom
Keyword rank checker access (updates weekly) Custom
Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendations Custom
Website usability analysis Custom
Rich snippets optimization Custom
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News) Custom
Outreach to online influencers Custom
Link reclamation Custom
Creation of text navigation (if possible) Custom
Website design analysis Custom
Video and image XML sitemaps Custom
Integration of blog w/ RSS Custom
Link baiting and content development Custom
Customer review (user generated content) strategy Custom
MarketingCloudFX Custom
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results Custom
Website conversion analysis implementation Custom Custom Custom Custom
Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google (OR INITIAL PAYMENT BACK - 1 year commitment) 20 35 50 Custom
Initial campaign investment:(Two month duration) $5,500 $6,000-$6,500 $8,000 Get Quote
Progressive monthly optimization:(1 year commitment - Subsequent 10 months) $1,250 $2,250 $4,000 Get Quote
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Need more information? Call Us: +1-917-725-3071


What do e-commerce SEO services from 360 Digital Idea include?

A graphic of how ecommerce SEO services work

SEO services from 360 Digital Idea include the right kind of content that contains the right keywords. And When you start selling online and using web marketing, you want to ensure that you are directing the right type of customers to your site.

SEO for an e-commerce website includes descriptive, informative text. Search engines rely on matching the words that people are searching for words that are found on the website.

If your site have the matching keywords which are search by the visitors, then you get a better chance of being found.

In fact, Approx 50 percent of users find a new thing or product after a search.

To find the right keyword that fits your website its a difficult task, and also you make sure that you have a different room for all the phrases you need. You have to target the correct keywords or phrases, to start the e-commerce search engine optimization process.

Here's how we start our ecommerce SEO process for our clients:


Keyword identification is a critical part of our ecommerce SEO services because it establishes an effective strategy for your business.

The first step is to find the right keywords or keyphrases you need to include in your content. By using keyword research tools, asking your customers how they describe your products or working with you to find the keywords you already know are successful, we'll find out how you should describe your store or products to rank highly in sea

Why keyword research is important to ecommerce SEO

Keywords are depended on product that is available on your store central theme. You have to target the related keywords according to the theme. Your company’s unique features can also enhance other aspects of your ecommerce SEO. If you’re investing in content marketing, for instance, you may create blog posts


The next step in our process is to implement these high-value, relevant keywords onto your website.

We use these keywords in several places, including:

  • Homepage
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Image alt text
  • And more

To execute an e-commerce SEO strategy this is an essential step. Without optimizing your website for these relevant keywords, it’s difficult for search engines — and even users — to see that your website is relevant to a search query.

An example of a product page optimized for SEO

While you can do your own copywriting to implement these recommended keywords, an advantage of partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency, like 360 Digital Idea, is that we offer SEO copywriting services — note that some copywriting comes with our ecommerce SEO packages.

We have a talented team of copywriting that specializes in several different areas, from manufacturing to retail to automotive. With the help of them, we produce content that’s not only well-written but also on-par with your brand. so, if you want to invest in our copywriting services join us.


Every page on your website needs optimization for search engines.

For E-commerce stores, it's important to optimize the product page. It is most important because they are most likely to rank for very specific search phrases, also known as "long-tail keywords."

If you sell rubber dog bones in green, you’re probably not going to have the long-tail keyword, “green rubber dog bone,” on your homepage. Instead, your ecommerce SEO strategy would focus on optimizing product pages for these appropriate long-tail keywords.

If you want that your product page earns a high ranking in search results, We'll make sure that every page has a title and a paragraph which has a meaningful keyword that described the item. and if you have the model number of that product then it's a good idea for better search results.

Your product pages should also include images of the items you are selling.

Why ecommerce SEO focuses on image optimization

For search engines, your images offer insight into the context of your product page. Images offer value to users and search engines. For users, your images provide perspective on your product, from its size to its color to its uses.

Google, Yahoo as well as Bing and other search engines can't able to recognize images. They work on the basis of image filename, image alt text, and nearby content to understand images. It’s important to note, however, that it’s critical to optimize images for search engines.

That’s why our dedicated team optimizes your images for SEO.

We review each page of your website in-depth to make sure that you're targeting long-tail keywords and not forget about the page title tags. The product page is most helpful to convert consumers.


E-commerce strategy help to make your site user-friendly. if you carry a wide variety of products you can easily navigate the website. We'll make sure that everything has appropriate sections or categories.

It's also essential that your navigation is easy-to-use and understand. If not, you may find that users get confused and leave your site almost as soon as they arrive. Why stay if they can't find what they want? This quick departure — also called a "bounce" — can lead to a higher bounce rate.

High bounce rates tell search engines that your website isn’t as relevant for the search terms it’s ranking for — which is why a high bounce rate can lead to a drop in your rankings. That’s why web design, as well as the design of your landing pages, is an imperative feature of ecommerce SEO.

One of the best ways we've found to improve SEO for ecommerce is to use breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumbs are small links that appear at the top of a menu, category, or product page. Like the story of Hansel and Gretel, a trail of breadcrumbs on a website leads you back to where you were previously.

Our experienced web designers and content marketer will use this method for the maximize the usability of your website for users. For better results, we also offer user experience testing services.


We all know that it is difficult to compete online, to create original content for your e-commerce store you can add both SEO value and draw in shoppers. content can come in any form whether it is in blogs, articles, press releases, and ebooks.

A content marketing strategy serves two purposes: one, to tell your potential customers that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy, and two, to give search engines even more content to crawl for keywords and phrases.

Content marketing can double your website’s conversion rates

A statistic on content marketing and conversion rates

Consumers love it too.

More than 50 percent of users prefer companies that create custom content, which can set your ecommerce store apart from others in your industry. That’s why companies that use content marketing more than quadruple their conversions compared to businesses that don’t.

The increased conversionr rate businesses experience with content marketing

Additional content may include:

  • Videos for how-tos on product maintenance or uses
  • Infographics on topics related to your products or industry
  • Articles about industry topics you are knowledgeable about
  • Long-form content like ebooks or white papers

360 Digital Idea builds innovative content marketing strategies as a part of our ecommerce SEO services — our ecommerce SEO packages include quarterly content. What form this content takes is up to you, and we'll work together to decide what kind of content is best for your website, then create it for you and implement it on your site.

Why pick 360 Digital Idea for online business SEO administrations?

360 Digital Idea isn't your commonplace online business SEO company.

We're a full-administration advanced showcasing organization that is enthusiastic about what we do — and it appears in our associations with flourishing web based business organizations from an assortment of enterprises.

Need to get familiar with why 360 Digital Idea is the best decision for e-commerce business SEO administrations?


With over 8 years of experience, 360 Digital Idea offers your business unmatched aptitude. Our times of experience likewise give your group certainty. We've adjusted to the quick paced changes in the business, guaranteeing that our customers see the best outcomes, from expanded income to improved rankings.


Our enthusiasm for advanced showcasing appears in our ventures. Our skilled group's made Marketing Cloud, which is the business' driving ROI-following programming. Even better, IBM's confided in computerized reasoning programming, Watson, powers Marketing Cloud.

That gives your organization amazing understanding into the exhibition of your online business SEO technique, just as any of your other advanced promoting administrations from 360 Digital Idea. Regardless of whether you're in a hurry, your group can get to Marketing Cloud.


Over our over 9-year history, we've gotten in excess of 15 honors for our work — remembering Best Place to Work for PA, an award we've won for a phenomenal three years straight. For our customers, these successes exhibit the energy, inventiveness, and devotion we bring to each extend.


A center 360 Digital Idea esteem is straightforwardness. That is the reason we distribute our costs on the web, just as why we give our customers Marketing Cloud. It's a methodology that is a monstrous contrast from other online business SEO agency, which is another motivation behind why 360 Digital Idea stands separated.


For the best outcomes, we center around modified techniques. That is the reason our group contributes an opportunity to gain proficiency with your business, industry, and product offering up. We likewise accomplice you with a committed and hands-on director that knows your group and your organization.

That gives a customized understanding as well as an amazing online business SEO technique.

For what reason do online business organizations need SEO?

Search engine optimization offers a few advantages for organizations in various enterprises — and it's particularly significant for web based business organizations.

With online business SEO, you can arrive at progressively qualified leads. These are the customers destined to purchase your item, which means more deals and income for your organization. Search engine optimization encourages you arrive at this gathering of customers by streamlining your site for the keywords they're utilizing.

A graphic for ecommerce SEO services

These keywords regularly identify with your store and items.

In the event that you sell weaved feline collars, for instance, it bodes well that individuals' hunts would highlight those expressions. That is the reason your web based business SEO methodology would almost certainly target catchphrases like, "weaved feline collars," or, "engraved feline collars."

These are Keywords applicable to your business, just as your objective customer.

Ecommerce SEO advantages


Your potential clients are prepared to hand over their well deserved money — yet without SEO, they may never at any point realize your store exists. Our web based business SEO administrations ensure your store is obvious so you can boost your benefits.

E-commerce SEO is what might be compared to putting an immense sign before a physical customer facing facade that says, "We convey hound toys!" or "We sell feline supplies!" Without improving your site for these key expressions, your possibility at appearing in looks for Keywords with high purchasing goal is pretty much nothing.

Rather, it's your rivals that do — and they're glad to embrace your customers.


As an online store, you presumably have a broad product offering — regardless of whether you offer customers a littler, curated choice, it's fundamental that your intended interest group can discover your merchandise while looking through on the web. With our web based business SEO administrations, we advance every one of your items.

The outcome? Clients that quest for, "adjustable foam hound bed," or, "orthopedic feline bed," discover your site and your items. Shockingly better, they find what they're searching for, which means another online request for your business.

Why businesses use ecommerce SEO services

In examination, if your organization depended on traditional marketing, you'd need to choose showcasing a couple of your items — except if you had an enormous promoting spending plan. While you'd presumably advertise your most well known items, you couldn't ensure you'd arrive at your intended interest group.

With E-commerce SEO administrations, you can enhance your website to arrive at your most qualified clients.


Ecommerce SEO centers around improving your online visibility to web indexes. By expanding your visibility, E-commerce SEO makes it simpler for shoppers to discover your site. Along these lines, rather than showing up on page two of list items, your site appears on page one.

Disregard SEO, and your business gets defenseless against a few dangers, including:

  • Lower Item Rankings
  • Less buy orders
  • Less revenue

These are on the whole dangers that effect your primary concern, just as day by day tasks. In case you're not driving important traffic to your site, you're not making deals, which prompts a downturn in your general benefits. That is not maintainable.

With our web based business SEO administrations, just as focused and creative procedures, we augment your visibility in indexed lists. That is the reason our group contributes an opportunity to become familiar with your business, from your items to your customers, and manufactures a customized methodology that drives results.

Because of our altered methodology, we've created more than $1 billion in income for our customers.


Contrasted with traditional marketing, internet business SEO is amazingly financially savvy. By concentrating on the Keywords your intended interest group utilizes — and improving your site for those Keywords — SEO drives the outcomes you need to see.

It's likewise the establishment of an incredible, performance-driven digital marketing strategy.

With the cash your organization spares with SEO, you can reinvest in your business' prosperity. Perhaps, for instance, you'll grow your web based business promoting technique to incorporate compensation per-click (PPC) publicizing or email Marketing - the two of which offer a high return on investment (ROI).


With a nearby pace of right around 15 percent — which means 15 percent of all leads will change over — SEO offers a solid and long haul wellspring of income for your organization. That is the reason SEO is a long haul and progressing process — it doesn't convey results medium-term, however it delivers after some time.

While 15 percent may appear to be not exactly excellent, it's multiple times more than customary promoting's nearby pace of 1.7 percent. That is a horrendous close rate, particularly when you consider the speculation your organization's creation every year into traditional marketing.

The success rate of ecommerce SEO

It's another motivation behind why digital marketing is turning into the confided in decision of e-commerce stores.

With the constant consequences of e-commerce SEO, your organization can develop after some time. That means accomplishing your organization's long haul objectives, which may incorporate extending your product offering, constructing your colleagues, or arriving at your fantasy number of offers.

Best of all, you don't pay for the aftereffects of online business SEO, not at all like PPC. While the two administrations function admirably together, you pay for each snap that PPC acquires your organization. That cuts into your general ROI and benefits. Additionally, it makes your business subject to paid publicizing to drive income.


Without an e-commerce SEO procedure, anticipate that your rivals should beat you out in indexed lists.

Regardless of whether you make a stunning e-commerce business site with a delightful structure that normally pulls in several connections, a contender with a strong e-commerce SEO office will outrank you pretty much inevitably, in each search. It's insufficient to have some portion of the bundle.

With rivalry as high as it is on the web, you need the total bundle — and with a customized e-commerce SEO bundle from 360 Digital Idea, that is actually what you get. As your accomplice, we'll build up an altered and aggressive system that spots you at the bleeding edge of your industry.

FAQs about SEO services for ecommerce websites

Do you have more inquiries concerning SEO administrations for online business sites? Peruse our FAQ!

What is ecommerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO alludes to SEO for online business sites. Contrasted with traditional SEO, E-commerce SEO utilizes various procedures and systems to improve your website's positioning in query items, as on Google or Bing.

What are ecommerce SEO services?

Web based business SEO administrations give your online business proficient, particular SEO administrations for your internet business site. These administrations, contrasted with traditional SEO administrations, center around internet business explicit strategies, such as utilizing item markup, to improve your site's perceivability in indexed lists.


Costs for E-commerce SEO administrations change and rely upon the office and their administration plans. At 360 Digital Idea, our SEO administrations for web based business sites cost $1250 to $4000 every month. We likewise offer custom evaluating for bigger online stores.

To what extent does ecommerce SEO take?

E-commerce SEO, as traditional SEO, can take a while to show results. As a rule, you can hope to get results, as expanded rankings, following three to a half year. This three-to half year hold up is the reason most SEO administrations for internet business sites require a responsibility of a couple of months.

Do ecommerce SEO services come with any guarantee?

Contingent upon the SEO organization, your web based business SEO administrations may incorporate an assurance. At 360 Digital Idea, for instance, our online business SEO administrations ensure a specific number of keyphrases will arrive at the primary page of Google query items. In the event that they don't, we return your underlying installment.

What kinds of online stores can use ecommerce SEO services?

Any online store can utilize internet business SEO administrations. At 360 Digital Idea, our involvement in giving SEO administrations to web based business sites includes over 20 years. We've additionally cooperated with customers that utilization a scope of online business stages, from Shopify to WooCommerce.

In the event that you have extra inquiries concerning E-commerce SEO administrations, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on the web!

Prepared to make your store increasingly obvious on the web?

Your online store shouldn't be stuck on page two (or more terrible). With assistance from one of the country's driving SEO offices, you can encounter the intensity of being on page one, and having an internet business site that positions well, draws in however many clients as could reasonably be expected, and changes over more snaps into buys.

With 360 Digital Idea and our internet business SEO administrations, you can accomplish your objectives.

Contact 360 Digital Idea today to discover how a custom E-commerce SEO plan can make your store increasingly obvious and transform a greater amount of your guests into genuine, paying clients. We'll work with you to make an arrangement totally modified to your remarkable needs.

Just contact us online or give us a ring at +1-917-725-3071 to chat with an experienced strategist!

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