How to write a meta description and meta title for Shopify?

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Shopify meta descriptions and meta titles can help your shop in numerous ways like getting high rankings in the SERPs and showing a potential customer what your store is actually about and what it offers. Also, a well-written, clear, simple, and striking meta title and description 

can help you not only increase impressions but also your store’s click-through rate.

Here are some tips to write meta descriptions and meta titles:

    • Use the main keyword for that page at the beginning of the meta title.

    • Meta descriptions should include a call-to-action that makes the reader interested and encourages them to visit the page.

    • Both the title and the description should be unique, different, and as descriptive as possible.

    • Both the title and the description should be according to the content of the page and not different; otherwise, Google will ignore what you wrote and choose the title and description for you.

    • Meta titles shouldn’t exceed 70 characters.

    • Meta descriptions shouldn’t exceed 320 characters.

Mentioned below are a few tips on writing metadata for different types of pages in your Shopify store:

For Homepage:

You know, what is the face of your store? It’s actually the homepage. It is very important that the title and the description represent what your shop offers.

Tips on writing a meta title:

    • Put your primary keyword at the beginning, and your words should remain within the character limit.

    • Generally describe your store without explaining the products—unless it’s a one-product store.

Tips on writing a meta description:

    • Use to-the-point keywords, but focus on natural, direct, and simple language.

    • Avoid using lists, bullet points, and tables.

    • Add a call-to-action encouraging potential customers to visit your store.

For the product page:

This is where you advertise a specific product—make sure the potential customer gets all the information regarding the product you want to provide to them while they’re still in the SERP.

Tips on writing a meta title:

    • Clearly spell out the product’s name so that users may quickly locate it when 

    • Be sure to include serial numbers, features, models, or anything else that would provide readers with enough information to click.

Tips on writing a meta description:

    • Describe the product by making use of features, benefits, and everything else that didn’t fit in the title.

For the Collection page:

Collections are useful for grouping products so the customer can easily find what they want by category.

Tips on writing a meta title:

    • Clearly write the category name in the meta title.

Tips on writing a meta description:

    • Clearly describe what products a potential customer will find in this collection.

Other pages:

If you have other types of pages in your store, not just the ones that are listed above, you should optimize them as well. Those pages could be anything else that isn’t a homepage, product, or collection page.

To best optimize your meta titles and descriptions for the pages in your Shopify store, use relevant keywords, don’t write longer than the character limit, and ensure the title matches the content on the page.


Shopify meta descriptions help in engaging and convincing a potential customer to visit your website, while meta titles are very essential for ranking high in SERP.

You will be successful if you use relevant keywords, don’t exceed character limits, and make sure your titles and descriptions are unique, expressive, and match the content of the respective page. You can easily change the metadata on your Shopify store if it supports built-in SEO features, or you can contact 360 Digital Idea to create the best titles and descriptions that represent your site well.

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