How To Create An Engaging Website Design

Website is the destination where your prospect client and customer lands and make decision. Having an impressive website is extremely necessary to attract and retain your customers.

There are instances when most if the businesses fail in attracting customers and clients due to their website. It’s always good to have a website that is rich in UI and UX as these factors decide howlong people stay hooked to your business.

While creativity is important while designing your website, there are other important factors that make your website engaging and help you grow your customers. Let’s understand how you can create an engaging website that can deliver a good user experience.

  • Use a Simple layout Simplicity never goes wrong! When it comes to a website, the simple it is the better it feels! That doesn’t mean you need to skip adding your creativity while designing your website. Simple, in terms of website design means that it should be easy to navigate, loads faster, and can be opened even on smartphones. When the website takes time to load, people get frustrated and don’t wait for it to open. Add relevant visuals, use minimal texts and convey your messages to your audience easily, through your website.

Add fascinating Colors-People love to get great visual experiences. Adding catchy colors to your website makes it visually appealing and people love staying on your website for a longer period of time. Pick a color that defines the theme of your entire website, then, choose a contrasting for important buttons and other interface elements. The right choice of color palette can help you get the desired results and compel the customers to click on the buttons you want them to click on!

Use easy to read font-Always keep that font style that is easy to read and attractive! Keeping the font simple is always a good idea because people prefer to read with a simple font, with a reasonable size. Even the font color shouldn’t be so harsh that it seems piercing on your audience’s eyes. Keep your text easily legible by the audience.

Use minimal text-Don’t use bombarding words and lengthy lines to engage your audience. These won’t work and could rather drift away from the audience from your website. Use fewer texts and provide relevant information that a customer needs to know about your product or services.

Keep the navigation easy and simple-Don’t add too much creativity to your website! keep navigation easy and simple, for your customers. Keep the right buttons at the right place so that the audience gets where they want to go. Keep your menu standard and simple in appearance so that your customers feel comfortable while digitally traveling through your website.

Give 3D experiences-People these days are so much into 3D and Virtual experiences! When you allow your customers to experience your products on a 3D platform, they get attached to this experience and even enjoy it. This increases the chance of buying those products.

Add video and images to your website-People love watching and looking at images rather than just reading out some texts. When you add more images and videos to your website in order to explain your products or services, people curiously watch them and also enjoy watching them. This can keep the users hooked to your website and also compel them to take desired actions!

Make your website mobile-friendly-People operate social media with their mobile phones often, and when they come across your ad they would expect your website to be mobile-friendly so that they can surf your website whenever and wherever they are. 

Having said all that, you also need to conduct a quality assurance test of your website. There is a requirement to check your website for quality assurance before launching it so that there are no bugs, no errors and that every page and button is working properly.

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