How to Attract Different Nationalities to Your Business

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How to Attract Different Nationalities to Your Business

No matter where your hotel or hospitality business is located, a significant portion of your business likely depends on attracting and booking foreign travelers. Unless you happen to own the only accommodation in the most popular city or area of your country, and people have no choice but to choose you, you’ve probably gone out of your way in the past and present to attract and cater to foreign travelers so they choose you over your competitors.

But how do you attract foreign travelers? And which nationalities are you looking to attract anyway? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what travelers from Germany, Spain, and Italy are looking for when traveling? And how would you lure an American traveler to book with you – both now and in the future?

In this article, we are exploring general travel trends to keep in mind, and more specifically, the travel and booking habits of Germans, British & Irish, Spaniards, French, Italians, Americans, and the Chinese. We will examine what triggers them to make booking decisions and how they could be motivated to book with you instead of your competition.

Travel Trends to Look Out For


Personalization in the hospitality industry involves tailoring your service or product to meet the needs of individuals or segments of individuals. Hotels have been using personalization techniques for quite a while now. Customer loyalty programs, VIP services, personalized service on-site, and many other hotel services aim to provide a personalized experience for the guest.

This trend will be increasingly important in attracting new guests. Personalization by nationality is one approach. While likes and dislikes based on where a traveler is from are not a universal remedy, according to a recent  Survey, travelers do respond well to certain perks and incentives depending on the country they are from.

Creating Experiences

Another trend to look out for is the traveler’s desire to not only stay with you but also to have an experience while staying at your hotel or location. “Creating experiences” is well intertwined with “Personalization” and has been embraced by hotels for some time.

According to the 2016   Survey conducted, travelers prioritize their spend on experiences, rather than material goods. They want authenticity and personalized experiences – not commoditized, one-size-fits-all holidays. The holiday search, planning, and discovery through culture and events on-site are part of the experience itself.

The same measures taken to personalize a hotel stay also contribute to the overall guest experience. However, the experience a potential guest from a specific country is looking for might vary, and learning more about their nationality can help.

How to Attract Future Guests by Nationality

When looking at the characteristics of different nationalities, it makes sense to consider general segmentation techniques and recent travel studies to better understand the travel habits and desires of these nationalities.


According to studies conducted, by communication specialists and authors, Germans can be broadly categorized as task-oriented, highly organized planners (linear-active). Applied to their travel habits and preferences, Germans will plan their trips methodically and stick to their plan. To provide an experience for a German traveler, ensure that whatever you promise is what you deliver once they are staying with you. Germans also respond well to instant gratification, so offering an instant discount may be more effective than a discount on a future stay.

British & Irish

Similar to Germans, travelers from the UK and Ireland plan their trips and expect you to deliver on your promises. They are willing to spend more on their hotel rooms and expect amenities like wifi. Free room upgrades and complimentary breakfasts can be effective incentives.


The French are considered more people-oriented and interrelational. Having French-speaking employees can be a motivation for them. They also value spa and wellness areas, so highlighting these features can attract them.


Spanish travelers tend to plan their trips less rigidly and are more spontaneous. Last-minute offers may appeal to them. They are frugal spenders on hotel rooms but value spa and wellness offerings. Personalization will go a long way in attracting them.


Italians are similar to the Spanish in their travel and booking habits. They are motivated by human relationships and inexpensive last-minute discounts. They also value on-site spas.


Americans are considered linear-active, planning their trips and expecting their expectations to be met. They value longer-term rewards and are attracted to discounted rates on future stays. Customer loyalty programs and newsletters can be effective in attracting and retaining American travelers.


Chinese travelers are generally introverted and follow set plans and schedules. Offering Chinese language guides and staff can attract them. They value free wifi and can be triggered by offers of free transportation and meals.

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Q: How can personalization benefit my hospitality business when attracting different nationalities?

A: Personalization allows you to tailor your services to meet the specific needs and preferences of guests from different countries. By understanding their cultural norms and preferences, you can provide a more memorable and satisfying experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Q: What are some effective ways to create experiences for guests from various nationalities?

A: Creating experiences involves offering unique and authentic activities or amenities that resonate with travelers. This can include cultural immersion activities, local cuisine tastings, guided tours, or wellness experiences. By providing opportunities for guests to engage with the destination on a deeper level, you can enhance their overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Q: How can I attract German travelers to my business?

A: German travelers appreciate efficiency, reliability, and value for money. To attract them, focus on providing accurate information, delivering on promises, and offering instant gratification, such as immediate discounts or perks. Ensuring a seamless and well-organized experience will appeal to their preferences.

Q: What amenities are British and Irish travelers likely to prioritize?

A: British and Irish travelers value convenience and comfort. Offering amenities such as complimentary wifi, free room upgrades, and breakfast options can help attract them to your business. Additionally, emphasizing the quality of service and attention to detail can resonate with their expectations.

Q: How can I appeal to the preferences of French travelers?

A: French travelers value interpersonal connections and wellness experiences. Employing French-speaking staff and highlighting spa and wellness facilities can enhance their satisfaction. Emphasizing the social aspects of your business, such as communal spaces or organized activities, can also appeal to their preferences.

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