Effective Strategies to Promote Your Live Social Video Event and Capture Valuable Leads

Effective Strategies to Promote Your Live Social Video Event and Capture Valuable Leads

Effective Strategies to Promote Your Live Social Video Event and Capture Valuable Leads

In today’s digital world, making your live social video event stand out can be quite a challenge. With so many online events happening every day, it’s not easy to get noticed. But the effort is worth it. Live streaming is becoming incredibly popular, with almost a third of all internet users tuning in to live streams every week. Even marketers are getting in on the action, with around a quarter of them using Facebook Live as part of their video marketing strategy.

Small businesses, online shops, and tech startups are all using social video events to get their names out there and boost sales. Surprisingly, more than half of senior executives think that event marketing is more valuable than any other marketing method. If you’re planning a live social video event, you’re probably feeling the same way. But the real challenge is not just getting people to watch; it’s about capturing leads for future engagement.

Collecting leads during live-streaming events is a strategy that’s not used as much as it should be. In this article, we’ll go through six effective strategies to promote your live social video event and, most importantly, capture valuable leads.

Create a Special Event Page on Social Media

Once you’ve figured out your event’s topic and when it’s happening, make a special event page on the right social media platform. Platforms like Twitch, LinkedIn, and Facebook have easy tools for setting up event pages. On these pages, you can share the date, time, topic, and even a link to your own registration page. By sending visitors to your registration page, you can encourage them to sign up for the event, which will help you collect leads. Even if they don’t register, people who show interest on the social platform’s event page will still get event notifications.

Tip: Plan your live event at least two weeks ahead to have enough time for promotion and getting your audience involved.

Keep Posting Consistently

One social media post won’t be enough. Promote your upcoming event by posting about it multiple times on different social media channels. 

Use Paid Re targeting Ads

Using paid ads can quickly get more people to see your event, but you need to set up your ads right to avoid wasting money. Instead of aiming for a wide audience, focus on retargeting ads to reach people who have interacted with your brand before. Platforms like Facebook offer options to retarget website visitors or people who’ve engaged with your previous ads. By dividing your audience based on their interactions, you can make ads that match their interests and get more people involved.

Stats show that retargeting ads work well for businesses, with more than half of them reporting higher revenue and better conversion rates. Reaching out to people who have shown interest in your brand increases the chance of them signing up for your live event.

Get People to Register

With live social video, you can reach a huge audience without locking your content. Instead of asking for access to inboxes, offer users the option to register for event updates through email or SMS. To encourage sign-ups, make offers that people can’t resist and highlight the value of watching the broadcast, like exclusive content or special bonuses for registered users.

Team Up with Niche Influencers

Live Social Video Event

Use streaming platforms to co-host your live broadcasts, which can help you reach more people. Co-hosts can let their followers know about your event, introducing your brand to new audiences. For example, Instagram sends a notification to all of a co-host’s followers when a live event starts. If you can’t find an independent influencer, partner with a company in a related but non-competing field to make a bigger impact.

Promote Your Event in Niche Communities

Share your events in social communities, like online forums, LinkedIn Groups, Reddit communities, Facebook Groups, Slack communities, Discord servers, and other places where your target audience hangs out. A simple Google search can help you find these communities. To get more people to sign up, think about offering prizes, like SparkToro, a tool for audience research, did to get more digital marketers to join their event.

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Q1: Why should I consider hosting a live social video event for my business?

A1: Live social video events are an effective way to engage with your audience in real time, build brand awareness, and even generate leads. They offer a personal and interactive connection with your viewers, which can lead to increased trust and customer loyalty.

Q2: What are the best platforms to host live social video events?

A2: Platforms like Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, Twitch, and Instagram Live are popular choices for hosting live social video events. The choice of platform depends on your target audience and marketing goals.

Q3: How can I capture leads during a live video event?

A3: You can capture leads by encouraging event attendees to register for the event before it goes live. Additionally, offering valuable incentives, such as exclusive content or special bonuses, can motivate viewers to provide their contact information.

Q4: What are some essential tools for scheduling and promoting live social video events?

A4: Tools like Hootsuite can help you schedule and manage your social media posts to promote the event consistently. 

Q5: How do I find the right influencers or co-hosts for my live video event?

A5: Look for influencers or co-hosts who align with your niche and can introduce your event to their audiences. Ensure that their followers match your target demographic, and consider collaborating with related but non-competing businesses if independent influencers are unavailable.

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