Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Making Landing Pages

A Landing page is like the first impression to your customers where they directly land on one of your website pages after clicking on an ad, or link you may have shared in your social media posts, e-mails, or any other posts. It can also be termed as the digital version of a direct marketing letter. A landing page can be created to pursue other purposes too, including SEP Purposes to capture organic search traffic.

A blunder on a landing page can ruin your reputation and distract your customers from your site. Hence, it is always suggested to keep your landing page optimized, or else you may lose your paid traffic to being converted into leads and sales.

Here are some major mistakes that must be avoided while creating landing pages:

Poor content Use ample and crisp words to attract the attention of your customers. Don’t write a long essay without any subheads, bullet points, or short lines as customers won’t have that much time to read your prose! Add relevant directions for customers that can help them get where they are supposed to be rather than wasting their time in compelling them to read a lot of irrelevant stuff.

Multiple calls to action Don’t confuse the customer to take multiple actions. This increases the chances of customers getting puzzled and leaving the site without taking any action. Don’t be greedy! Just keep a single call to action that fulfills your as well as the customer’s purpose to visit your page.

Using bad quality images or keeping plain texts Having texts in your content creates interest in customers as images help to give a better user vision experience and make the entire content look intriguing. An image that has been placed in the right place helps your customer get content with your message and help them take quick actions.

Complex page layout  Keep your landing page easy to read and comfortable for the visitors.IT has been seen that most of the readers prefer to read from left to right and top to bottom and hence, try to keep your content in this layout. Also, keep relevant subheads with meaningful and interesting messages that intrigue your customers to read and more and take your offer.

Page loading speed Last but not the least; this is the most important segment you need to keep in mind while creating your landing pages. There are millions of readers and millions of competitors from your field and none of the customers would even wait for a single second to let your page load when others provide high-speed page loading. Skip using too many sliders and videos that may delay the page loading time. Let your landing page be easy to open and easy to access to give a seamless experience to your customers.

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