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Case studies are real-life practical examples that can help you identify examples where people achieved measurable business goals that you might also want to reach. It is an example of stories including the steps they took to get there, these stories can help you learn effectively. They show the effective tactics and strategies being implemented in real life to achieve goals. It shows how a good marketing company helped them and how they achieved good results with the successful implementation of SEO.


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How we have helped companies?

  • Paan aroma
  • Paan aroma is a famous brand that provides a wide range of variety in paan with amazing flavours. They faced problems related to conversion rates, clicks, leads, and many more. We have helped them. When looking at lead volume specifically, our efforts lead to a 296% increase in lead volume quarter-over-quarter (QoQ). Our long-tail keyword targeting strategy decreased cost-per action (CPA) by 76% QoQ.

  • Jute Cottage
  • Jute cottage is a famous brand for providing the best quality Jute Bags. They faced problems related to reaching, impressions, and many more. We have helped them with an increase in traffic 6 times, an increase in visibility 5 times, increase in sales 10 times.

  • Jaipur To Home
  • Jaipur to home is a brand with the perfect collection of Jaipuri clothing, Jaipuri bedsheets, and many more. They faced problems related to leads, impressions, and reach. We have helped them in everything and have given them double, and triple results throughout the great campaigns.

  • Paavo India
  • Paavo India is a platform filled with beautiful cosmetic products and personal care beauty products. They faced problems related to clicks, impressions, and marketing. We have helped them a lot with our very effective marketing campaigns. We have increased their reach, impressions, and leads. They have achieved an increase in traffic, visibility, and sales.

Why choose 360 digital Idea for SEO?

Real results

Our strategies provide the results which are expected by customers. We can provide you with real-time results. The results provided by us are very practical and as you can read above. The results have helped people and their businesses a lot.

Expert in SEO

We are the expert in SEO implementation. We are working in this field for many years. We can help any company to achieve great results in SEO. We have helped many companies to achieve great reach and leads through SEO and the proper implementation of SEO Services on their website.


We have great testimonials that can help you to trust us. Many brands and people have suggested us the best SEO implementation for their websites. Testimonials are the best evidence that can help you to understand the importance of a marketing platform.

Best marketing strategies

With the use of SEO. We are also very much experts in Best marketing strategies. We can implement SEO with the perfect marketing strategy. The marketing strategies Can attract customers and can give you great results along with the SEO results.

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