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Addressable geofencing is a location-based advertising strategy. Companies can use addressable geofencing as a standalone strategy or in support of other paid advertising methods, like PPC or direct mail. With our addressable geofencing services, our clients can easily launch address-based or hyper-targeted campaigns to drive phone calls, in-store visits, and boosted sales for their businesses. This service not only improves the customer experience but also generates higher conversion rates by lifting up sales and in-store visits.


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Benefits of Addressable Geofencing Services are:

  • To boost customer engagement
  • It can boost customer engagement because of regular updates related to the products and services. It can help the customer to get engaged with your business for a very long period of time because of regular and continued conversation through the paid advertising of addressable geo fencing.

  • To create brand awareness
  • It can help you to create brand awareness about your brand among the audience. Even if people are not aware of your brand and are not really interested in buying your products. It can help you to have recognition and brand awareness among people. It will let people know that this and this name brand exist in the local market.

  • To target audience with high-precision
  • It can help you to target the audience with high precision in a particular area. It can help you to have organic traffic for your business. If you are having the correct knowledge of a particular area and about the people residing in that area. For example, if the people residing in a particular area are the ones that can be interested in your service because of some particular reason. This type of marketing strategy can help you to target them with high precision.

  • Perfect for Local Businesses
  • It is quite perfect for the local businesses. If you are having a local shop in the market in a particular area. This type of marketing strategy and help you to have great results in a very short period of time. It can help the local people to know more about your shop and your business. It will help you to have awareness and recognition in the local area in a very short period of time.

Why choose 360 Digital Idea for Addressable Geofencing Services?

Perfect strategy

we can provide you with the perfect strategy to have the best results in a particular area with the target audience. We are experts in this field and we can provide you with the best assistants and a great strategy to look out for the targeted traffic for your brand.


This is the field of digital marketing. We are having the best knowledge of this field. We have amazing and very creative writers and marketers that can provide these strategies. We are very knowledgeable and knowledge is everything that can get you success in this type of marketing strategy.


We have great testimonials regarding our strategies and results in this marketing strategy. Testimonials are one of the most important pieces of evidence that can make you believe the results and real-time results that our company has provided many brands.

Right implementation

We can implement this technique in the appropriate and very right manner. We know the perfect location and strategies to look out for the audience in a particular addressable area. We can help you to implement this strategy in a very easy and simple manner.

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