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Enterprise PPC management service is a pay-per-click service that helps enterprises increase their online visibility, leads, and sales. It is a powerful strategy for boosting site traffic and ultimately qualified leads and revenue. We, 360 Digital Idea can be your PPC management agency to help you to monitor all your PPC advertisements and give you the best results.


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What makes us a top Enterprise PPC Management Services company?

What is the goal of enterprise PPC?
The basic aim of a company that is going to provide you with PPC services is to provide you with
the maximum ROAS. ROAS = Total campaign revenue / Total campaign cost. the main aim is
about maintaining the maximum ROAS. We need to work in a way in which we will be able to
acquire a lot of revenue as compared to the cause that we have input in the advertisement.
Then only, the campaign of PPC would be a success and that is what the goal of enterprise PPC is
all about.

  • Monitoring
  • It can be a very difficult task to monitor every ad that you are displaying in the PPC and you
    need someone to monitor all that for you and give you the daily analysis report you cannot
    every day take up the time of your business and monitor all the results by yourself.

  • Strategies
  • PPC add management will help you to change your strategies according to the result as the PPC
    is all about different results at different places and you need someone to make different
    strategies for your PPC as the strategies are the only weapon that can help you in acquiring an audience.
    By having someone to take care of the PPC add management. You will be able to have the best
    utilization of PPC ads because someone will be able to give you the best strategies every day
    and you will be having the best strategies and best ideas every day with the monitoring of
    everyday results.

  • Expenses
  • PPC can help you in having amazing results for your business but it can also drain a lot of money
    and so you need someone who can monitor everything and can save your money where it is
    going to waste as many times the PPC advertisements have been placed in a particular place
    where the organic traffic is not high and therefore, the money is wasting a lot.

What makes us a top Enterprise PPC Management Services company?

Maximum ROAS

We will always focus on providing the maximum profit by focusing on the maximum ROAS. Wdvve
will always help you to invest money in a profitable business. We can provide you with the best
profits by investing your money in a very minimum manner and providing you with more

Monitoring and reporting

We will help you by providing regular monitoring and reporting regarding the services of PPC
and we will give you the regular report regarding the advertisements that you are paying
regularly for.


We can help you in targeting the particular areas for the paid advertisements as we can analyze
the areas that are having the organic search for the products and services provided by us and
the targeting can help your business to get more and more organic traffic.

New strategies

We can provide you with new strategies regarding PPC every day by analyzing your daily report
and this new strategy will always focus on the maximum ROAS.

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