Need help with SEO Audits? Get the Best SEO Audit Services In New York

Wanting the best SEO audit services in New York City for your website?

If yes, then your search ends here at 360 Digital Idea. By correcting any optimization errors, you can now get at the best SEO audit services for your website and be in the best possible shape. Simply choose 360 digital idea to get a comprehensive SEO audit done for your website, which includes more than 200 point technical SEO checklists.

As an SEO audit corporation, we will be customising your audit on the basis of your business and other variables. 360 digital Idea professional website audit services include analysing your website architecture and code while also examining the URL hierarchy. 360 Digital Idea will also look at aspects like the page load period and web page code along with the sitemap. This will assure that your website is properly ranked in search engines.

Some of the common factors covered under SEO audit services include

  • On-Page SEO Audit
  • Content SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO Audit Services
  • Architecture and Code Review
  • Google Penalty Identification Audio

Factors considered while supervising website audits:

An SEO audit is conducted to analyse the performance of a website in comparison with the best methods. The objective is to find out the problems which may affect the interpretation of the organic search.

  • Competitor Analysis assists us in identifying your competitor’s SEO methods.
  • Through an in-depth architecture audit, we find the basic capabilities of your website.
  • We examine specialised data such as sitemaps, robots.txt, and crawl operations.
  • The on-page audit includes URL structure, headings, title and meta tags, as well as many extras.
  • Optimized images and videos reduce page size, time, and SERP levels.
  • We audit the content present on your website and give advice.
  • Site speed is now one of the crucial Google ranking aspects.
  • User Experience is an important audit to comprehend the loopholes on the webpage.
  • We audit your off-page activities and advise you on how to avoid Google penalties.
  • We research all such crucial aspects before announcing any site developments.

360 digital idea audits assess whether your site is optimised for things like content, website system, web page design, and responsiveness. 360 digital idea SEO provides services in two broad categories: On-page SEO audit, including examination of keyword consistency, canonicals, redirects, content subject, title, and metadata, URL system, etc.; and technical SEO audit, involving examination of website structure, AMP, PWA, structured data, crawl stats, sitemap, and robots.txt, etc.

360 Digital Idea is an excellent SEO audit service that will help you resolve current site issues while optimising it and achieving higher rankings in search engines.


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SEO Audits: The server files affecting your SEO

There are multiple files on your server such as .htaccess, sitemap.xml, and robots.txt and others, which directs the search engine how to access your website’s content. By optimizing these files, they are organised properly and can improve your rankings in the search results.

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The .htaccess file helps in specifying and applying configuration directives on your website. This file provides you the facility to check how web users and search engines are commanded to particular pages on your website, enable custom error pages, and apply 301 redirects.


The robots.txt file is present in the root of a website which prevents web spiders from accessing important folders on your website. It is very necessary to follow a particular format when you are optimizing this file. It is basically used for folders that weaken the theme of your website and offers a barrier to robots, like PDF files.


The optimization, submission, and making of a sitemap.xml file helps search engine spiders to better navigate your site. This file also helps people to easily scan your whole website for important information. It offers a link and short description for every page on your site, arranging each page and then offering the order of necessary pages of your site to the less important pages.

Other factors

Other server configurations like HTTP headers, 404 error pages, and page loading times also affect the search engine traffic. 360 Digital Idea will detect and recommend you the best possible way by which you can easily optimize these files to get positive results.

360 Digital idea SEO Services




Pages reviewed Up to 70 pages   Custom
Audit implementation training/support  Up to 2.5 hours  Custom
Complete audit report upon completion     Custom
Competitive scorecard (Analysis of up to 3 competitors)  Custom
Backlink report    Custom
Keyword research (Up to 50 terms)    Custom
SEO Checker reporting on all pages    Custom
Google Webmaster tools preferred domain  Custom
Top keyword rankings  Custom
Top keyword traffic  Custom
Website conversion  Custom
Post audit client implementation review (1 hour)  Custom
450+ SMEs behind campaign driving results  Custom
Duration 45 days  Custom
Cost: 8,600  Custom
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SEO Audits: The on-page factors affecting your SEO

Is there any benefit of having a website which is attractive but no one sees it? 360 Digital Idea has many clients who have well-maintained, attractive, and pleasing websites that were not able to rank at the top and they don’t know the reason behind it. What are the reasons if a website is attractive but does not rank at the top?
The most important reason in such situations is the content in one way or the other. It means that there is not much content on each page, same or missing titles and meta descriptions, or several links that take the users to the same page, i.e. duplicate content.
360 Digital Idea has a team of specialists who will examine these on-page ranking obstacles and suggest the necessary modifications with the help of SEO audit. Detecting and solving these on-page issues can have efficient, immediate, and optimistic impact on your rankings.

SEO Audits: The off-page factors affecting your SEO

The other factors that affect your ranking are known as off-page factors. Off-page factors play an important role in search engine’s ranking algorithms. These factors usually pay attention on links – the number of links possessed, the anchor text used, and the position of these links.
Most of the web users cannot detect these off-page factors, and it is not possible to spot them manually. At 360 Digital Idea, we have a set of tools and services that enables off-page analysis. 360 Digital Idea will detect these issues and factors and plan a strategy that helps in building your website’s reputation and increase your ranking.

SEO Audit Services: Avail the complete audit and action plan

A complete SEO audit is the fastest and effective way to check why your website is not ranking at the top. The SEO audit services offered by 360 Digital Idea are 100% transparent. You can have complete access and know where your money is actually going.

Resolve your queries with SEO Audit Services

If your business is not ranking at the top of search results, and you have no idea about it. Contact 360 Digital Idea, a leading search engine optimization that provides SEO audit services. We have specialists who can analyze your site and prepare the strategies to make your business visible at the top of search results.
These experts conduct an overall analysis to determine your website’s strength and plan SEO strategy. They detect both on-page and off-page factors that affect your search positions. They also provide a complete SEO audit report, along with competitive scoreboard, and future strategies which can drive more valuable leads.

How Does SEO Audit Services Work?

360 Digital Idea first analyses your website to know what strategies should be implemented and what actions are needed to optimize it for search engines. On the basis of this analysis, 360 Digital Idea provides recommendations to improve the ranking of your website and boost the revenue. These recommendations include duplicate content, dangling links, web copy editing, HTML validation, page downloading time, site statistics, and error pages.

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