How addressable geofencing advertising services can help?

Addressable geofencing advertising services, the services that are used by the different types of  digital marketing agencies. It is an advertising service that focuses on the customer’s geographical area and targets them by sending them promotional and instant discount related messages whenever they enter a specific geofenced area!Basically, it is a advertising service in which you will be able to give your customers promotional messages whenever they are in the coverage area of your store or in your local market. It is an amazing type of advertising service and is very beneficial for the local market stores.

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How geofencing works?

The question may arise about the working of this amazing type of advertising service, and so we are here to summarise the working of this service in some few points and facts that can help you to get to know more about this complicated advertising service in simple language.

This strategy sends the text messages to the audience or customers after they enter a certain boundary or geographical area. This strategy can also send in-app notifications that can further help in the advertisement of the store in a really quick manner. It can also give the advertisements on the social media by regular advertisements, which can help in spreading more recognition of the brand. It covers a particular area and covers that target audience, and can be very helpful for the local stores and the shops in the local market. It works extremely well with social media platforms that are linked to location-based applications and networks, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and many others!It can work simply even when the person have activated their location and is searching for anything related to your business such as, “Indian restaurant near me". Therefore, basically it creates a geofence and then whenever any customer is entering in it. It captures their attention by giving them the promotional discounts and messages.

Benefits of addressable geofencing advertising

Affordable advertising

It is a very affordable type of advertising service as it will help you control your expenditure regarding the unnecessary advertising holdings or posters for your business on which you may be spending a lot! Therefore, it's you who has the most affordable type of advertising service.

Great effective results

As it is affordable, we need to remember that it also gives us effective results and is not something that will go with only some minimal results, as the results provided by this amazing advertising service are real, as whenever the customer is able to see something related to their own keyword as a notification. The chances of them going to that place are always high!

Real and targeted audience

The best thing about this advertising service is that it targets the real and targeted type of audience that is needed! Even though the person may not be interested in a restaurant, we can still attract their attention, and that makes them real and targeted.


The recognition provided by this advertising service is really amazing, as maybe people won’t be buying anything or using anything from you. But at the end of the day, you will be getting a lot of recognition and awareness in the market because of the popup and push notifications!

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FAQs on our addressable geofencing advertising and strategies

How does it really work?

It basically works by getting your customers from the location, as whenever a person enters any location, we are the location base data or their active smartphone . This strategy puts up a geofence and makes the active smartphone a target, and then sends them the continuous messages and promotional codes that can help in the recognition of the store, and people will come into it as soon as they get the message!

Does it target only specific areas?

We can always target the audience of the specific data, and you can decide for yourself how many of the kilometres you want to cover for your target audience. However, it is always advised to cover a small distance as the people in the nearby distance are more likely to come as compared to the farther distance.

Is it best for local markets?

Yes, it is absolutely best for the local shops and local markets as it is something that works with the geographical area and is something that is very suitable for the local shops in markets and can help you and your grand to get recognition in a very fast and smooth manner.

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