Our mission is to help people take back their online reputation.

Don’t allow your business’s reputation languish for another moment—let 360 Digital Idea help you

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In today’s age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, everyone needs the power to protect and improve their reputation on the web.
  • We believe something negative online can happen to anyone, and shouldn’t define you or prevent you from moving forward with your life.
  • We believe you shouldn’t lose opportunities just because other people are better at promoting themselves online.

The business landscape has changed: the way you look online now directly impacts your ability to get hired.

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1. You will get screened online at every stage of your business.

  • Half of college admissions look up applicants online
  • 75% of hiring managers screen candidates online, with 70% doing advanced social media screening using technology
  • 65% of potential clients look up freelancers before hiring them
  • 85% of businesspeople look up the CEO before working with a company
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2.Negative items can appear online at any time and ruin your business, so you need to stay on top of your presence.

  • Half of employers have turned down a hire because of something negative they found online
  • Half of consumers have not done business with a company or freelancer because of something negative they found
  • Many people don't even realize they have a negative, or they don’t realize something they posted will be taken out of context
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3. People who look great online win more opportunities, but only the best self-promoters know how to do it right.

  • 56% of employers won't even interview you if don’t have a strong online presence
  • Over half of consumers have chosen to do business with a freelancer or company because of a strong online presence.
  • The average person switches jobs every 2-3 years, and 40% of the workforce will be freelancing by 2020. So having a strong personal brand is more important than ever before.

We started 360 Digital Idea out of personal necessity.