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What is Smart Shopping?

Shopping campaigns are Google Campaigns designed specifically for ecommerce and product sales.
SmartShopping is a subcategory of Shopping campaigns, where targeting, placements,
and keywords are determined by Google’s algorithmic learning.

Advantages of Smart Shopping

Highest Quality Traffic

From a sales standpoint, traffic quality is determined by the proportion of site visitors that wish to make a purchase. Smart Shopping ads deliver exactly this kind of traffic to the product’s website.

Growth Potential

As more people begin buying products online (as thousands do every day), Smart Shopping ads will increase in scope, scale, and magnitude, as these ads cater to the specific needs of the buyers in the online marketplace.

Enhanced Remarketing

Once a buyer clicks on an ad and views the product page, he can be shown ads for the same product on other websites in the Google Display Network (GDN). This increases the chances of purchase, thus increasing sales.

Real-Time Sync

360 Digital Idea maintains a product feed, which is updated on a daily basis and synchronized in real-time with your campaigns, so your campaigns never run on obsolete data.

Feed Optimization

360 Digital Idea optimizes your product feed, by adding pertinent Google Product Categories, renaming products to have greater reach, detecting errors in gender categorization, optimizing product types, finding defective product/image links, and solving mismatch issues w.r.t. product IDs, prices, or availability.


360 Digital Idea observes the performance of individual products and product groups in your catalog, and will create separate campaigns so said products/product groups can sell more efficiently, thus improving your ROAS.

Customized Reports

360 Digital Idea creates and sends regular, detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns and ad groups, so you know how your spends are being utilized to give you the best results possible.

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